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Mosisili calls for unity

by Lesotho Times
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…accuses Thabane of ‘gross misgovernance’

’Marafaele Mohloboli

ACCUSSING Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s coalition of gross incompetence and mismanagement, outgoing Democratic Congress (DC) leader, Pakalitha Mosisili, has urged all opposition parties — in and out of parliament — to unite and “save the Basotho nation”.

Dr Mosisili said this while delivering his last address as party leader to supporters in Leribe this week.

The former premier also urged those contesting for leadership posts in his party’s elective conference at the end of this month to accept the outcome gracefully. The polls will pit Dr Mosisili’s current deputy, Mathibeli Mokhothu and deputy secretary-general Tlohang Sekhamane for the party leader’s post.

Dr Mosisili also implored DC party members to refrain from dividing the party each time there were elections as this hampered its growth.

“This nation shall be saved by the uniting of congress movements and opposition parties in and outside parliament, for it is only when we are united that we can defeat the enemy,” Dr Mosisili said.

“My key message to you before my exit as your leader is that we should all unite as it is only when we stand together that we shall be strong and defeat the enemy.

“This is the last time that I am standing before you as your leader and it would be a big mistake if today when our party is under attack from enemies, some of you rather joined their fight and help divide us.

“You have to speak unity of this party. Unity of the congress movement. If we allow the enemy to divide us, we shall be frustrated just like what is happening now.

“Let’s therefore all unite for the good of our people. Our people are the power and we have to respect them.”

Dr Mosisili then accused the current government led by Dr Thabane of grossly misgoverning the country.

“We are being misgoverned and you can all attest to that. For the first time in the history of Lesotho, with the government only a year and a half old, more than 28 civilians have died due to police brutality.

“We have given our legacy to the wrong people and today more than 28 people have died due to police brutality and this is only because we chose not to vote when we were given the chance. Unfortunately, we all have to stomach these bitter results of our choice.

“I appeal to all of you to go to the conference with open hearts and minds. Don’t allow yourselves to be divided by elections. As for those who will contest, may the winner accept their win with respect and humility and not with conceit and the same should go for the one who loses.

“There will always be tomorrow. Let the one who loses support the one who wins. It’s within the congress movement culture to concede defeat and that’s why I did it twice to Ntate Thabane when he won the elections,” Dr Mosisili said.

He also launched a blistering attack against former DC secretary-general Semano Sekatle who ditched the party last month to join the All Basotho Convention (ABC) and was immediately appointed Minister of Tourism by Dr Thabane.

Dr Mosisili said Mr Sekatle had “totally forgotten” about the people who asked him to represent them in parliament and he was only interested in serving his personal interests.

“He was the party’s secretary-general but he decided to ditch the party because of greed. He is one good example of people who have forgotten about what is expected of them.

“Now he is lying, telling everyone that he was having a tough time within the party committee. No, Ntate Sekatle is being unfair to us. He is lying.”

Contacted for comment, Mr Sekatle said he would not be drawn into “petty politics” because he respected Mosisili as an elderly person.

“I have heard his remarks but I will not say anything in response to what he has said as I think it is still quite premature for me to say anything.

“I highly respect ntate Mosisili as an old man… I am just waiting for the right time before I can speak lest I say things now that I might regret later,” Mr Sekatle said.


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