Moshate changes name

By Khahliso Khama


MASERU — Moshate, a local jazz band, has changed its name to Mosepili.

The group took the move after discovering another jazz band in South Africa was trading by the same name.

Lead singer Maile Matlokotsi said this was confusing their fans who were no longer sure which was the real Moshate.

He said at one time both bands were billed to perform at the same event.

“We chose Mosepili as our new name to run away from the confusion,” Matlokotsi told the Weekender.

Mosepili is apparently also the name of the local band’s debut album expected to be released later this year.

The local Moshate was formed by vocalist Matlokotsi, guitarists Thabiso Mochele, Eric Mohoanyane and Thoriso Ralefu, who left the band in 2007 to pursue solo music interests.

Even though they have failed to release their long-awaited debut album since Moshate was established in 2003, Matlokotsi said the band had managed to lure a sizeable number of followers in Lesotho.

He added that the namesake had emerged in 2006 when their band had started spreading its wings in the southern Africa region.

“The new band has brought huge confusion among our fans both in the Mountain Kingdom and in South Africa as they have a totally different style of singing when compared to us,” Matlokotsi said.

“We have come a long way with the name Moshate and it isn’t easy to part with it as much as I believe it is going to be a hassle for fans to get used to the new name,” he said.

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