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More traffic lights needed

by Lesotho Times
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TRAVELLING through the main street of Maseru on a Friday is heartbreaking. It shows very clearly that Kingsway Street is not enough to contain the traffic.

The police are trying their best to help control the traffic but they just cannot succeed.

There is more traffic on our main street now than there used to be in the past.

This is evidence that our country is growing and the town itself is growing fast.

The majority of people are beginning to realise the need to do their businesses in a quicker way using modern transport.

This presents fresh challenges to the government and the department of transport.

Although our country is poor this does not, in any way, suggest that her citizens are intellectually poor.

I recall that about three years ago one Candy Ramainoane suggested to our traffic authorities to replicate here road traffic control mechanisms employed in other countries.

Ramainoane came up with zebra crossing lines to help pedestrians negotiate their way in the maze of traffic on our streets.

That was a brilliant idea.

It made a big difference in our attempt to control traffic and avoid unnecessary loss of lives on our streets.

Here is another suggestion that our traffic control department must consider. They should try to put more traffic lights around the main roundabout on Kingsway Street.

I suggest that the traffic authorities set up traffic lights on the side of Main North One opposite the Cathedral gate and others on the side of Main South one right before one gets to the circle.

The last one can be on the side of Mpilo Road also before you get to the circle.

Traffic lights can be placed at the roundabout at Thabong.

The Maseru traffic can be easily controlled to assist everybody to drive at a reasonable speed.

As it is now everybody drives at various speeds.

The better driver is he who can drive faster.

That is why most people have a tendency to speed and cause more dangers on our roads.

Major cities and towns around the world control downtown traffic by implementing the system of more traffic lights.

The police will only be on the lookout for those who break the law.

How I wish that our government can realise that some social developments can be brought about more by listening than unending parliamentary debates.

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