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Moral boost for Likuena

by Lesotho Times
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Moorosi Tsiane

LIKUENA players were yesterday handed a boost by the Lesotho Football Association (LeFA) who gave them at least M3100 each as incentives for previous matches.

All of the players who played in the COSAFA tournament in July this year in South Africa got M5556 each while those who played in the second match against Uganda last month got a further M3100 as their share of gate takings.

The players who played in both the Uganda match and the COSAFA tournament earned M8656.

According to the LeFA secretary general, Mokhosi Mohapi, COSAFA gave them M150 000 and the National Executive Committee resolved that the money be shared among the players and the technical team (20 players and 7 officials).

Likuena finished third in the annual regional tournament which was eventually won by Zimbabwe.

“The other money comes from the gate takings from our home match against Uganda as the players were promised so we are now fulfilling our promise,” Mohapi said.

“Some of the players will get a share from both the Uganda match and the COSAFA tournament while some will only get either depending on their participation.”

LeFA president Advocate Salemane Phafane KC said the race is not yet over for the boys and exhorted them to double their efforts.

“It is not yet over. Let us go out there and prove to the nation why you were selected into the senior national team.

“You still have the chance to restore your dignity and that of this country by making this nation proud by winning on Sunday. I know you can beat this team (Tanzania). You have played them twice where you won once and drew once so I believe in you,” Phafane said.

Phafane reminded the team that they will be hoisting the national flag so they needed to ensure that it flies high.

“We showed them (the Tanzanians) what you made of in their own back yard so you can’t afford to lose at home. Let us take this opportunity to prove you deserve to be in this team because many people have been questioning the selection. You have no reason whatsoever to lose this match,” Phafane told the team.

He also promised the team the gate takings from the Sunday match.

“It is upon you to see to it that people fill the stadium and that can be achieved through your good performance. I know you and I can see things are different from when you came from Uganda. I am again promising you that you are going to share among yourselves the gate takings from that match,” Phafane said.

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