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Molemi getting better with age

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Having visited our country twice in the space of three months, it is only fitting that we take a closer look at Mo Molemi, after the release of his sophomore project, Motsamai.
After dropping his classic debut, Amantsi, three years ago, the Motswako MC had taken a sabbatical from the music industry, to focus more on his family and farming endeavors.
During this period, he kept his profile alive by releasing some singles, most notably 10111, which was featured in DJ Lemonka’s Motswako tape. 
This single is also one of the tracks that cemented him within the Lesotho market.
His return to the studio for a full length album awakened a buzz around the artist and left the fans with anticipation for the project.
The first single, Mmabanyana, a light hearted rendition of an old folk song, with its catchy chorus accompanied by the voices of Cul 1 kids, left many unsure about his new direction.
After giving the full album a first listen, it became clear that, on Motsamai, Mo Molemi has chosen to grow with his music.
While the content is more mature and covers a wider range of subjects, the simplicity of the production is what caught my attention.
Although the songs do not immediately jump at you, subsequent listens reinforce the fact that, this man speaks from the heart.
Often shadowing the beats as well as the featured artists, Molemi is still true to his art, especially on songs like Botshelo, featuring Fifi and Kea Mmoki.
Other notable songs on the album include the title track, Motsamai, in which he talks about the traveller, referencing the Lesotho mountains in the lyrics. 
Lefik-town featuring Spikey is one of the only upbeat hip hop tracks on the album, while the rest of the project unfolds in a slower and jazz influenced direction.
Favourites for me on the 16 track offering are Lemphorwana and Selemo, which both infuses a very typical Motswako flavour.
The Motsamai album is a solid offering from one of the most talented artists in South Africa.
The fact that it is an independent release means it is more personal for the artist and might not have as much hype as his previous work.
However from a music point of view, it is a notable contribution to today’s  “swagger” filled music industry.

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