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Moleleki asks to adopt Moqolo’s child

by Lesotho Times
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Billy Ntaote

ALLIANCE of Democrats (AD) leader Monyane Moleleki has asked to adopt the last child of the late party member, Thabiso Moqolo, who was shot dead during an AD primary election brawl in Koro-Koro constituency on 2 April 2017.

Mr Moqolo was fatally shot in the melee of a fight between supporters of the AD primary election candidates, Refiloe Litjobo and Khotso Makana, who were vying to represent the party in the general elections scheduled for 3 June 2017.

The scuffle was ignited by counteraccusations by the candidates of bussing in people from other constituencies to boost their chances of winning the primary.

Refiloe eventually won the primary election and was duly nominated as the AD candidate for the Koro-Koro constituency last Wednesday.

However, his younger brother Thuso and his bodyguard, Thato Makara, were last Wednesday charged with fatally shooting Mr Moqolo with a 7.65 pistol in the Magistrate’s Court.

The duo was granted bail the next day and is expected to appear again before Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Murenzi on 4 May 2017.

Mr Moqolo is survived by a wife and three children Paballo (16), Tseliso (8) and Kefuoe (4). The tractor driver was also the sole breadwinner for other family dependents who include his mother, an ailing grandfather and uncle.

During Mr Moqolo’s funeral – which was held last Saturday in Mokunutlung Ha Mofoka in the Koro-Koro constituency – family representative and the deceased’s aunt, Malillo Moqolo, said they were yet to come to terms with the death of their sole bread winner.

The funeral was attended by the AD leader’s wife, Dr Malimpho Moleleki, senior party officials as well as family members and friends.

“He has left behind a second wife who was caring for his late wife’s children together with her own,” Ms Moqolo said.

“Now we don’t know what is going to happen since she is still very young and has been left to fend for herself and the children. He has left behind three kids although the eldest is now 16 years of age. But she still needs a fatherly figure in her life.”

The Area Chief, Litsebe Mofoka, said Mr Moqolo’s death would not only negatively affect his family but the whole Koro-Koro constituency since he was a renowned tractor driver who ploughed the fields of members of the community.

“Many villagers in this constituency are going to harvest wheat and some maize crops because of Ntate Moqolo’s labour and skills in agriculture,” Chief Mofoka said.

“He was an outspoken villager who constructively participated in the affairs of this village. We have indeed lost a great man who was our helper and friend.”

For his part, AD Secretary-General Mokhele Moletsane said the AD leader and his wife had committed to adopt Mr Moqolo’s youngest child Kefuoe.

Ntate Moleleki and Mme ‘Malimpho have asked to be allowed to take care of Ntate Moqolo’s youngest child and to raise the child in their household as one of their own,” said Mr Moletsane.

There was no immediate response from the family, whose representative said they would need to hold a meeting after the funeral to chart the way forward.


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