Mokokoane, an asset to be treasured


Moorosi Tsiane

WE ARE just two matches away from the coronation of the Econet Premier League champions where Matlama remain poised for glory.

As things stand, Tse Putsoa who have nine league titles are still at the top of the 14-team league table with 56 points while Bantu are second, trailing by just two points.

There are plenty of players whom I believe have done a lot to help their teams this season and can be contenders for the player of the season accolade.

At this time last year, Matlama fans had already lost hope of clinching the League title as Bantu ran riot in a chase for their second successive title and were eventually crowned the champions.

So, what changed this season that could hand Tse Putsoa the title with a match to spare? Let’s not all forget that should Matlama win their weekend fixture against Sefotha-fotha they will be crowned champions with one match to spare against Linare.

Therefore, the answer is very simple; a young defender by the name of Rethabile Mokokoane. A young lad who due to Matlama’s misfortune of failing to register their centre back duo of Patrick Nyango and Michael Mireku was thrown into the deep end. Mokokoane has been consistently in the side’s first team since then

The left footed defender grabbed the opportunity with both hands and rose to the occasion having a stellar season under the guidance of his defending partner Lisema Lebokollane.

The national under-20 left back easily adapted to his new position at Tse Putsoa.

He played with so much confidence and proved that he has got a big heart and is not afraid to compete with the big boys. I was not surprised when Secker didn’t change him at the start of the second round after they had finally registered Mireku and Nyango.

Mokokoana is tireless and it’s unbelievable what he had achieved in a team that is set massively around ball possession such Thabile Secker’s version of Matlama.

Shamingo, as Mokokoane is popularly known in football circle, doesn’t only help Matlama defensively but also he constantly provides support for the offensive players going forward, winning the ball at the right moment before immediately setting up counter attacks for his team’s deadly attackers. Further to that, he has also scored in some instances to help his team.

This season, the player has been the most consistent player in the Matlama fold, even during rare occasions when they lost, he still stood out as one of the best!

This is surely the future of Likuena and he needs to be taken good care of as we have seen lot of players’ careers end before reach to their peak.

Mokokoane hails from one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods (Sea Point) in the country and he is surely very soon going to be exposed to all kinds of problems and if he doesn’t get proper guidance, he might end up losing his head.

It is Matlama’s responsibility to see to it that they help this lad reach his full potential. We have had good footballers who hail from Sea Point who still managed to play in big leagues such as Kick4Life’s Bokang Mothoana.

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