Mokhotlong businessman charged with wife’s murder


Moorosi Tsiane

A MOKHOTLONG businessman is on trial for allegedly killing his wife on 21 May 2021.

Lepota Natsoane (35) is appearing before High Court Judge Mabatsoeneng Hlaele over the charge that he murdered his wife, ‘Malehasa Natsoane at Ntlholohetsane, Mokhotlong.

The Crown is represented by Lehlanako Mofilikoane while  Natsoane is represented by Lintle Motšoehli.

Nine witnesses have been called to testify for the Crown. These included Likeleli Natsoane, the accused’s younger sister who narrated the events that had unfolded on the death of ‘Malehasa’s murder.

She said the events had begun when Lepota called her to ask if she knew of ‘Malehasa whereabouts as she had not been at home.

“He (the accused) asked if she (his wife) was with me at our parents’ home which is in the same area and I said no,” she told the court.

Likeleli said she had subsequently received another call which prompted her to visit the  Lepota homestead. Upon arrival, she saw Lepota’s clothes covered in blood. Furniture had been broken inside the home with clothes strewn all over.

She asked Lepota what had happened and he explained that  the deceased had been taken to the hospital after she fell and got injured  while  running away from him in the wake of their quarrel about her alleged late coming.

One Detective Lance Sergeant Lesuoa also told the court that on that fateful day Natsoane had reported to him that he had had an altercation with his wife and she had been injured after falling at their gate as she tried to run away.

“When I went to the said place for inspection together with Police Constable Lebusa, we observed that there was nothing at the gate which could injure someone even if they fell. It was a grassy area and there was not even a drop of blood on the ground to show someone fell there and got wounded,” Lance Sergeant Lesuoa said.

He had then proceeded to the mortuary where he inspected the body of the deceased and found an open wound above her right ear.

She was also bruised on the left eye and her buttocks were swollen as if she had been dragged on the ground, he said.

Lance Sergeant Lesuoa said the accused had reported to him again on 19 June 2021. This time he changed his story and alleged that the deceased had fallen at a different place.

“We went to the new place with Detective Inspector Pitso and Constable Sekhonyana. We found it was sandy and there was no way a person could fall and get wounded there. I was not satisfied with his explanations so I arrested him and charged him with murder,” Detective Lancer Sergeant Lesuoa said.

Natsoane’s lawyer, Adv Motsoehli said his client denied that he had assaulted and killed his wife.  No one had seen him actually assaulting his wife, the lawyer insisted.

The trial continues.


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