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Mixtape album showcases budding talent

by Lesotho Times


Mohalenyane Phakela

Musta Mind

Musta Mind

MIM Productions is set to launch a mixtape album this Saturday showcasing some of the musical talent the country has to offer.

The compilation, called Kingdom’s Finest, features 15 Hip Hop tracks and will be unveiled at Cloud Café, which was formerly known as Litaleng.

According to its Facebook page, MIM Productions was formed in 2012 with the aim of “inspiring change through innovation in small communities”.

The production company’s founder, Matla’selo “Musta Mind” Mohapeloa, said their goal was to instill hope among unemployed youths in seeking alternative sources of income.

“Our youth are so much focused on being employed after graduating from tertiary institutions and despair when they do not get the jobs, ending up resorting to crime and other unproductive activities,” said Mohapeloa, whose company also engages in graphic design and film editing..

“MIM intends to inspire them so they can have a sense of hope for their future by using their God-given talents to earn a living.”

He added that the mixtape is the first project of its kind and features different rappers from around the country.

“The Kingdom’s Finest mixtape is a compilation of tracks from different upcoming and prominent rappers from around the country,” Mohapeloa said.

“Hopefully the artists will get more exposure through such compilations, which we hope to release on an annual basis with different musicians.

“We released two beats online last year for rappers to use and the tracks are featured on the mixtape.”

He said the album title, Kingdom’s Finest, was premised on creating a platform on which the best of upcoming local talent is showcased.

“The general public will then be able to judge for themselves whether they have potential since they will be featured alongside artists who have already made a name for themselves,” said Mohapeloa.

All the artists featured on the mixtape such as Liquid Gold’s Cyphic Black alongside Pro Liffic, Kislev, Tumza and SK among others, are billed to perform at the launch ceremony in addition to Fatal Verb and Bagdad.

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