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Miss P rocks Maseru

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Wanna swivel to Jay Z’s Blue Magic or Dirt Off Your Shoulder?

Wanna hum along to 50 Cent’s Many Men or PIMP?

Ja Rule? R Kelly? Missy Elliot? Sean Paul? Rick Ross?

How ‘bout some old school and remembering the late Michael Jackson by “moon-walking” as Black or White and Bad thump from the box?

It’s official: Thursday nights have never been the same since Miss P decided to spice up nightlife in Maseru by hosting gigs at one of the capital’s very few decent drinking places.

Miss P, born Pearl Ocansey, has dared those who have not heard the vibe to be at Good Times tonight.

“People have been complaining about Maseru lacking entertainment and I just thought of doing a gig every Thursday as people prepare to get into the weekend,” Miss P told the Weekender yesterday.

Miss P’s Thursday performance, dubbed “5 minutes 2 Foraidei”, has since the first gig at the end of April slowly grown into one of the things to look up to for revellers in the capital.

“I’ve always liked hip-hop and I just thought why not create something different on the entertainment scene by playing something that no one or few people did,” she said.

“I tell you people love hip-hop and old school.”

“I can say I’m happy with the way things are,” she added. “People really appreciate.”

The show now attracts full houses, especially during monthends, with revellers of all persuasions thronging Good Times.

“This is only winter and we are having full houses,” Miss P said. “Come summer we expect the show to be bigger.”

Miss P has over the months roped in fellow entertainers and promising talent to hone their skills during the gigs.

“I was alone initially but I’m now working with DJ Davertz, who is our sound guy, and Faku, who is involved with event management,” she said.

“The gigs have also come as a way of elevating talent by creating a platform for upcoming DJs and emcees to showcase their ability.”

Miss P said they were looking forward to inviting performers from abroad to come share the stage with them here.

“We have some South African entertainers in mind. We want them to come witness our own talent,” she said.

But her only worry is that Good Times might become too small a venue if the show continues to grow.

“Good Times is conducive and convenient . . .  that’s why I approached the cafe with my idea for Thursday gigs,” Miss P said.

“We’ve been thinking about (space constraints at the venue) though,” she added.

“At first there was no cover charge, but as the gig started gaining momentum we decided to start asking people to pay a little as well as to stipulate a dress code in an effort to limit numbers.

“But by summer, we might need to worry about a bigger venue.”

Miss P is a full-time employee of Ultimate FM, where she has developed her emceeing and dee-jaying skills.

“I’ve been on radio, on-off, for nine years and over that period I’ve worked with DJs who have inspired and taught me,” she said.

“I started off playing house music on vinyl but now I play CDs. I’m still learning though.”

She hopes to get involved in radio and music production in future, but for now she wants to awaken the sleepy Maseru.

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