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MIP releases another single

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Mamohlakola Letuka

KIMBERLEY Matete popularly known as ‘Kimberley’ will next week release her third single, Chineko O, which was co-produced by Magic in Progress (MIP) and Megahertz.

The single is a follow up to her earlier tracks, Bad Girl and About You which are available on her SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.

In an interview with the Weekender this week, she said that the song was inspired by a special person who was her “showstopper”.

“I wrote it for a certain individual that catches my eye every time I see her,” Kimberley said.

The artiste who recently joined MIP began her career under the OGM brand.

“I started doing music professionally in 2015 with OGM. Music runs deep on both sides of my family.

“I recently signed with MIP and this is my second single with them”.

She said she would continue releasing singles until she felt ready to release an experimental project or an album.

“I am working on more singles for exposure so that I can get booked for gigs. So far, I have only performed at the Summa Feva, Cuban Linx and Roma events.

“I felt the need to work on my fan base first so that people are aware of my presence. So for now, I will be working on more singles and music videos that will be shared on every social media platform.”

She said her latest single which was the first of this year, felt like the beginning of a new journey for me because “this is the time for me to go big or go home”.

Kimberly, who also revealed that she is a lesbian, said that many people were not comfortable with her sexuality, which is fully expressed in her music videos and songs.

“I am a Lesbian and my music is about love. This means I will be singing to a woman and also having women in the videos,” she said.

“For many artistes music is a job, but for me it is a way of life through which I express myself, although I would like to make a living out of it soon.

“I’m still working on some things to make it easier for people to find my work although money is my biggest challenge as I do not have sponsors.”

She however, said there were supportive people who gave her positive feedback for work.

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