Miniskirt contest back with bang

MASERU — The miniskirt party is back!

Hundreds of revellers are tomorrow expected to descend on Kaycees at Roma where the event has continued to attract huge crowds since 2009.

DJ Daverts from Mo-Fun Entertainment who is organising the show told the Weekender that the party is back after a year’s break.

The party failed to take place last year after the National University of Lesotho (NUL) was shut down following strikes by students and lecturers.

“The event did not take place last year because NUL closed due to the strikes and with our target market not around, it was useless to host it,” DJ Daverts said.

He said scores of young ladies were expected to enter the mini-skirt party competition.

“The event is meant to boost women’s confidence in wearing skirts irrespective of their size,” DJ Daverts said.

Prizes will be given to the top three women who put on the shortest miniskirts.

“I am also trying to get men to acknowledge that it is not wrong for women to wear miniskirts.

“I have observed that every time a woman is wearing a miniskirt, they are subjected to abuse or insults by men, especially taxi drivers,” DJ Daverts said.

DJ Paul from Mpumalanga, South Africa, is expected to grace the event.

“We are going to have DJ Paul from Mpumalanga who will be turning the tables alongside locals Pablo, Evans, Sbudah and Black Bee,” DJ Daverts said.

The miniskirt party began in 2008 in Ladybrand in South Africa and moved to NUL in 2009.

DJ Daverts said the event had been so successful in Roma that he plans to expand it to other institutions of higher learning in the country.

“It is a free event so I always anticipate a lot of people to join the fun,” he said.

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