Mini-skirt party flops

MASERU — A damp squib.

That aptly describes the mini-skirt party that was scheduled for Kaycees in Roma last Friday.

Although there had been a huge build-up with fans driving all the way to Roma, they came back hugely disappointed.

All that was in place were ladies in jean trousers.

“I am very disappointed because I was expecting to see ladies in their short skirts the moment I arrived, but now I regret being here,” Mokheseng Malimabe told the Weekender.

DJ Davertz who organised the party admitted that the whole event was a flop and that they failed to control the huge crowd.

He added he might not host the event anytime soon unless they first upgrade their security systems.

“It was not as I expected due to many obstacles. Now I need to sit down with my mates and see how we can upgrade our security before we host another miniskirt party,” Davertz said.

He added that ladies could not put on the right attire because the weather was not friendly for such type of event “and this was beyond anyone else’s control”.

“The competition did not succeed because of the weather that kept changing. The event ended earlier than usual because of the police’s failure to control the huge crowd.”

DJ Davertz promised a flawless party next time when they organise the party.

“I apologise to all our fans who were disappointed and I hope to sort things out for the next miniskirt party,” he said.

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