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Metropolitan launches new funeral cover plan

by Lesotho Times

MASERU — Insurance firm, Metropolitan, on Tuesday launched a new funeral cover plan.

Metropolitan managing director, Nkau Matete, said the company which has been operating in Lesotho for more than 40 years, was delighted to introduce the Thebe Cover Plan.

He said the plan offers a new risk product enabling clients to use their cover as collateral.

The Thebe Cover plan also offers customers affordable premiums and escalating cover growth.

“It also has the bonus benefit that gives customers cash back after every five years,” Matete said.

He added that the financial industry in Lesotho has faced numerous challenges and some of these affected customer services.

“The challenges were made worse by the financial meltdown that affected interest rates for customer investments.”

However Matete said they had managed to overcome some of these problems through improving their services.

He noted that in the past it took customers five days to have their claims honoured but now it takes only take 24 hours if all necessary documents are submitted.

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