Metropolitan continues sponsorship

MASERU — Metropolitan Lesotho says it will continue sponsoring the Lesotho Volleyball Association (LVA) as long as it conducts its financial affairs in a transparent manner.

The company’s communications and marketing manager, ‘Matikoe Mochebelele, said this while handing over a cheque for M30 000 to the LVA at the Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission on Tuesday.

“We have a long term relationship with Lesotho Volleyball Association hence we are happy to continue sponsoring them,” Mochebelele said.

“Given their financial reports and transparency in handling our funds, we will continue sponsoring them.”

She said Metropolitan Lesotho has since increased the sponsorship package from M5 000 in 2008 to the current M30 000.

Mochebelele said the continued relationship was due to the LVA’s strict adherence to transparent and clear financial reporting.

“We are this year sponsoring the Lesotho Volleyball Association to the tune of M30 000 and this might increase given the good things that they are showing us as the sponsors,” Mochebelele said.

Metropolitan Lesotho sales manager, Serame Sebolai, said the LVA is free to ask for more funds if anything arises during the course of the year.

“We are very much interested in working with the LVA because of their transparency and how they handle their daily business,” Sebolai said.

“Hence if anything happens during this period, LVA are free to approach Metropolitan for any assistance,” he said.

Accepting the cheque, LVA president William Nhlapho said the association would account for every cent given to them.

“We promise to account to the last cent the money you are giving us today for the sake of transparency and development of sport in this country,” Nhlapho said.

“This is a happy day for us and we are proud of our sponsor for being by our side since 2008,” he said.

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