MCC gives Lesotho thumbs up

By ’Mathabana Kotelo

MASERU — Lesotho has passed the annual Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) country scorecard, making it likely to be considered for the second compact.

The scorecard measures a countries’ policy performance based on twenty indicators including, economic freedom, investing in people and rule of law.

MCC also uses the scorecard to assess a countries’ eligibility for its assistance programmes.

The MCC’s five-year broad poverty relief programme in Lesotho commenced in 2008, subsequent to a compact signing in 2007.

The programme which ran from 2008-2013 focused on private sector development, health and water sectors with a total investment of US$362.5 million (about M3.7 billion).

The MCC is expected to meet in December to select countries for the next compact.

In selecting countries eligible for the 2014 fiscal year grants, MCC considers a country’s performance in implementing the first compact and the ability of the grant to generate economic growth in a country.

The first MCC compact in Lesotho came to an end in September this year with most project activities being largely complete.

Notable successes include the rehabilitation of 138 health service centres and the debit/smart card project in collaboration with Lesotho Postbank that was aimed at expanding financial services to rural areas.



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