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‘Maseribane urges fight against femicide

by Lesotho Times
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Limpho Sello

BASOTHO National Party (BNP) leader, Thesele ‘Maseribane says men appear to have abandoned their customary role of protecting women from evil murderers hence the upsurge in the brutal killings of children and women by those who should be protecting them.

Chief Maseribane said this while addressing the BNP star rally at Lepereng ground early this week.

Chief Maseribane said historically men had always protected women and children by ensuring they were the first in the safety of the caves of Thaba Bosiu during the turbulent wars of the nineteenth century.

“But this has changed as we see women and beautiful girls’ lives always in danger,” Chief Maseribane said.

“We cannot live while we are not safe: the African continent and the world cannot live while security is still a challenge because security of people is very important.

“As a country surrounded by South Africa we have to ensure that we protect our borders, animals and the Basotho nation instead of threatening them.”

He urged the electorate to vote his party, saying they not only founded the army and police services at independence but also ensured they protected the country.

“After winning elections at independence we ensured that the country and its people were protected by the army. We were able to see to it that the borders and Basotho are protected by the army and the police,” Chief Maseribane said.

“It’s our duty as nationalists because we are the founders of the police services and the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) with a clear mandate where we have to ensure that the army we have is in a position to be invited or deployed at the African Union (AU).

“It should be an army that is professional and it is our plea to the congress parties to move away from the security forces and give them an opportunity to prove that they can serve the public instead of chasing Basotho day in and day out,” Chief Maseribane said.

He called on the congress parties to stop using the security services to “threaten and endanger Basotho but to protect them and their property”.

He said the security services should also protect the property of the investors in Lesotho.

Turning to other issues, Chief Maseribane promised that a BNP government would prioritise service delivery.

He promised improvements in the health sector starting with the clinics which he said needed to provide a conducive environment for the admission of patients as well as quality health services.

He said all the clinics and hospitals would be staffed by highly qualified nurses and equipped with adequate machines like X-Rays so that patients would not have to travel from as far as Thaba-Tseka to Maseru for services.

“We have to ensure that a patient is assisted and given the attention and treatment they need for them to get better wherever they are based.”

“We promise you emergency response services after you have given us your votes on 3 June,” Chief Maseribane said.

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