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Marathon team ready to roll

by Lesotho Times

Mikia Kalati

The Lesotho Amateur Athletics Association (LAAA) has declared the marathon team ready for the Commonwealth Games, which roar into life in Glasgow, Scotland, on Wednesday next week.
According to the association’s Public Relations Officer, Sejanamane Maphathe, the six-member team, which left the country yesterday for the tournament, had adequately prepared for the multisport event that takes place every four years in different countries.

“We have never been this confident that our team will do well in this competition,” Maphathe told the Lesotho Times this week. “The runners have just returned from a four-week camp at the Motebong Village in Ha Lejone, where they were under the mentorship of Thabiso Moqhali, who won the marathon race at the 1998 edition of the Games held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.”

Maphathe explained why the marathoners, namely Tšepo Ramonene, Ramolefi Motsieloa, Thabo Ntlaloe, Masilo Matjeane, Makampong Masaile and Moleboheng Mafata, did not leave with the other members of the Commonwealth Games team who left the country last week for a 14-day training camp in Wales.

“The technical team advised us that it was best that these athletes remain behind and continue to prepare at high altitude in Ha Lejone, as the conditions were perfect for their conditioning.
“They are only leaving the country on Wednesday (yesterday) and will be going straight to Glasgow and won’t be joining the other group which is in camp in Wales.
“I have to say, all our athletes have undergone very good preparations this time around, which is why I am feeling very confident that they will do well.

“From the marathon team, I think the trio of Tšepo Ramonene, Ramolefi Motsieloa, and Masilo Ramotjeane are in prime shape to cause an upset, considering they are coming from a small country like Lesotho.
“We are also expecting a lot from our sprinter, Mosito Lehata, who has been doing very well in his preparations, and also because he has based and training in Mauritius since 2011,” Maphathe said.
Having Moqhali as a trainer had also helped the runners behave because of he is a disciplinarian and an idol the athletes look up to due to his Kuala Lumpur exploits.

“There would be no excuses should our athletes fail to shine in Glasgow; we have done everything possible for them and created a conducive environment for them to train and take part in competitions leading to the Games.
“It is now up to them to deliver and make this nation proud and fly the Lesotho flag high at this very important event,” he said.

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