Man sues police commissioner

MASERU — A Maseru man, Nyakasela Tetsa, is suing Police Commissioner ‘Malejaka Letooane for M49 591 after he was assaulted by two police officers two years ago.

Tetsa on Tuesday told High Court Judge Nthomeng Majara that the police officers assaulted him for no valid reason.

He said he was summoned to Mabote Police Station on August 6, 2007 but was then detained for two days.

He said the officers assaulted him severely.

He said two officers, Trooper Mahase and Trooper Lekhooa, took him to a place he did not know with his face covered.

“They drove the van until we reached a place where they ordered me to get out of the van.

“They tied my hands and feet and led me to a water body that felt like a dam.

“They dipped me in water and kept assaulting me.”

He said the police kept on asking him where his gun was.

“I kept on telling them that I knew nothing about the gun because I did not know which gun they were referring to.

“The police never called me back to the police station to prove their accusations about the gun were true,” he said.

The case continues.

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