Man screened over Ebola-virus back in quarantine


Limpho Sello

A NIGERIAN who “disappeared” from Motebabang Hospital last Saturday soon after being detained for Ebola-virus observation, is back in quarantine but at a different healthcare facility.

According to the International Health Regulations Manager, Khotso Mahomo, the Nigerian man arrived in Lesotho on 3 September through the Moshoeshoe I International Airport, but immigration officials did not realise he was coming from Lagos and had to be screened for the fever-like virus, which continues to wreak havoc across West Africa.

Mr Mahomo further said when it was learnt a potential carrier of the incurable virus was on the loose in the country, immigration officials tracked the man to his residence in Butha-Buthe.

“The immigration officersdidn’t notice the stamps in the man’s passport, which indicated he was coming from Lagos in Nigeria.

“We had to look at the immigration records of the man, which led us to his residencein Butha-Buthe. We took him to Motebabang Hospital in Leribe district where people coming from Ebola-affected countries in West Africa are being quarantined for observationfor 21 days.Unfortunately, the man disappeared on Saturday, 6 September, but came back on his own the following day.”

Mr Mahomo said the Nigerian had since been transferred to Butha-Buthe Hospital and warned of “severe consequences”should he disappear again, while being screened for the disease.

“It is very dangerous for him to be moving around when he has been put under observation for the virus, and he has been made aware of the consequences should he disappear from hospital again.

“The Nigerian has since apologised and explained that he went away because of boredom. But so far, we have not detected any symptoms of the virus on him.

“As far as things stand, the man is supposed to be realised from hospital on 21 September, that is should he continue to show signs that he is free from the Ebola virus.”

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