Mamoth unveils M100k Likhopo sponsorship


Moorosi Tsiane

INSURANCE giants Mamoth Employee Benefits yesterday unveiled a new partnership with Econet Premier League side Likhopo.

The partnership will see Mamoth injecting M100 000 into the Red Army for one year with an option to renew should the late Bishop Molatoli’s side finish the league in the top four.

This was announced by the Mamoth chief executive officer Teboho Makoetlane during the sponsorship launch yesterday.

“Sometime late last year Likhopo approached us and their persistence motivated us to look further into who they are and what they are about,” Makoetlane said.

“We were intrigued by their amazing story and how they continue to make a difference in the lives of young Basotho men. As a local business in the healthcare space, in fact the only Basotho owned medical aid business in the country, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to reach out to a long standing and energetic team.

“Having embarked on a transformation journey to enhance shareholder value, customer experience and employee engagement, we have adopted performance-based contracting with key stakeholders and we want to extend this even to Likhopo.

“This means that Mamoth will increase the sponsorship amount in the following year based on the team’s performance. Our sponsorship of M100 000 includes a jersey (home and away), food and basic transport costs for the team. This sponsorship can improve but their target is to finish the season in the top four by.”

Makoetlane said they want a high-performance environment and are therefore expecting a quality performance from Likhopo.

“We want a high-performance environment and we are also expecting a high-performance from Likhopo as our partners. We are expecting nothing less from them. It is up to the team to save this sponsorship or see it increasing because if results are coming, then it will be easy to convince other shareholders to invest more in the team,” he said

Likhopo president Queen Molatoli welcomed the sponsorship and thanked Mamoth for listening to their plea.

“We thank Mamoth because this is a great deal for the team. Likhopo has not had a sponsor for a long time and we have been struggling, so it is a relief to us that finally, Mamoth has decided to lend a helping hand,” Molatoli said.

He urged his players to fight and save the sponsorship and also pledged the management’s support for the team.

“To the players, it is your job to ensure that the sponsorship is improved. You have heard that the target is to be in the top four, it is not going to be easy but as management we will support you to achieve this feat.

“Likhopo is a unique team with rich history and you have to work hard to continue enriching it. We have not performed too well in the last few years but that has to change this year and it is with you that we can change our fortunes,” Molatoli said.

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