Making lemonade out of life’s lemons

Ever had one of those weeks that everything just goes wrong from the minute you wake up and you cannot wait for it to end?
As this out-of-the-ordinary week unfolds and all the mess-ups heap one on top of another, you keep asking yourself, what worse could happen? 
The thing is, you ask yourself this question to try to claw yourself out of the deep dark hole you seem to keep falling into.
But then, guess what? You fall back into the dark cesspool because something worse does actually happen.
Now you are depressed, but maybe not because some of the events are just hilarious.
Your week may have started something like this depending on the locations and cast.
You wake up. It is Monday morning. You are late because you forgot to set your alarm!
Panic, shock! Then common sense hits! You rush to the shower, and in your rush you nearly kick the frame out of the door.
You stub your toe hard! As you hop around in front of your door, in the corridor — muttering unintelligible phrases that could make a sailor blush — your towel falls!
No sweat, you bend down to pick it, only to find it is kinda stuck at the door (that is why it fell anyway).
At the same time you hear a door opening (remember your nude behind is higher than your face at this point), it is your classmate going for a lecture!
A sharp intake of breath and a little squeak tell you, without looking, that the cheeks your housemate has seen are actually not the type that blush much!
You tug the wretched towel out and try to make yourself “decent” and bolt in the direction of the shower, muttering some sort of apology and not even making sense to yourself.
At the door you realise you left all your stuff on the floor near your door, where you either dropped them or put them, while trying to cover your lolling assets from shocked eyes.
You turn back, and obviously your unfortunate housemate is still rooted to the spot in shock — face red as the stop sign (but later I got to think if he was not just wishing the towel might fall again).
It is his turn to mutter something that sounds like an apology. Then he hurtles down the stairs (why is he sorry? Makes me wonder what exactly he saw.) 
Eish! I bet he had an interesting day.
Fast-forward to midmorning — smoke break! Fire hazard! Nearly burn off half off the face and thankfully only singe a bit of the eyebrows.
It could have been worse! And this happens because you nicked a faulty lighter during the weekend.
You see what all these people have always meant when they said “crime does not pay”?
More weird and wonderful things happen to you and you cause a few catastrophes during that day, and the next, and the next.
You cannot just wait for the week to end so that you can at least lock yourself in your room; so that you are not a hazard to you and yours.
I am sure anyone of us has had a pretty bad day or week at some point or the other  — and anyone who claims otherwise is either a liar or they are not living on this planet; kapa joang?
This, in my books, is life!
Those moments, when you wish the ground would just open up and swallow you, those days when you hope and pray it is a nightmare and you will wake up.
Yeah, I know it sucks at that point but personally I think you just have to dust yourself and get back on that race horse called “bophelo”.
So for me I have decided that I might have scarred the boy for life with that little nude exhibition.
But I have also looked at it from a different point of view — he may have enjoyed it!
So a brighter side, I laugh at it, and at me!
I have decided, there may be things that I would have really rather changed their direction or even their existence this week — and even in my life path.
But I have also realised that and come to a strong conclusion that I love my life! And so should you!
This is in no way an insult to anyone going through really hard times. It is just that I have noticed people tend to moan and exaggerate too much these days and forget that they have it easier than some other people out there!
I am not sure if I have actually heard someone say this or it just floated into my heard one day: If life gives you lemons, find a good spot, and start selling them!
You never know it might be the beginning of a good thing, if not, it is just one of those lessons in life.
Well, I will smile, and walk around with the smell of burnt hair for the rest of the week. No stress!

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