Majoro hits back at Mohasoa over meddling allegations


Pascalinah Kabi

FINANCE Minister Moeketsi Majoro has denied meddling allegations leveled against him by former Road Fund board chairperson, Thato Mohasoa.

Mr Mohasoa tendered his resignation to Dr Majoro on 2 September 2019. In the letter, he accused the minister of meddling in internal disciplinary processes against the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Nkekeletse Makara.

He accused Dr Majoro of overturning the board’s decision to place Mr Makara on special leave as well as stalling the recruitment of a new CEO.

Mr Mohasoa said the board had decided to place Mr Makara on special leave pending an investigation into his alleged misconduct. He however, does not say what the alleged misconduct entailed.

But Dr Majoro hit back at Mr Mohasoa this week, accusing the latter of dishonesty for allegedly failing to disclose the real reason for his resignation. He said Mr Mohasoa had resigned to avoid conflict of interest after he (Dr Majoro) had appointed him CEO of the Petroleum Fund.

He said if at all it was true that Mr Mohasoa found it difficult to work under Dr Majoro then he (Mr Mohasoa) should also resign from the Petroleum Fund.

In his Facebook response to the Lesotho Times’ questions on Mr Mohasoa’s allegations against him this week, Dr Majoro said he was disappointed that Mr Mohasoa had seen it fit to attack him.

“Mr Mohasoa pretends that he has hit a wall and can no longer work under my authority. I recently appointed him as chief executive of the Petroleum Fund,” Dr Majoro said.

“In one of our meetings about the Petroleum Fund, I asked him to resign from the Road Fund Board, as I could not have one chief executive overseeing another (at the Road Fund). I have also learned that the before recommending him for appointment, the board of the Petroleum Fund directed him to resign from the Road Fund board to avoid conflict of interest.

“I am therefore surprised he used the compliance with my directive and that of his new board as an opportunity to bring to disrepute to the minister (of finance), the Road Fund and the Petroleum Fund. Mr Mohasoa has been very fortunate that I gave him an opportunity to serve in these important public policy institutions. Those close to him will recall that I appointed him from severe isolation and gave him a rare opportunity,” Dr Majoro said.

He said he appointed Mr Mohasoa to the Petroleum Fund “but now he disingenuously and misleadingly pretends he can no longer serve under my authority”.

“If he felt so strongly, I expected him to also resign from the Petroleum Fund. That Mr Mohasoa, in complying with my instruction to resign from the Road Fund, pretends his resignation is a voluntary decision based on my ‘meddling’ is patently dishonest and raises a critical question as to his fitness to hold these important offices.

“I am therefore surprised that he has not also resigned as the chief executive of the Petroleum Fund in which I am the authority. I believe there is more to this thing than his letter indicates, but time will soon tell,” Dr Majoro said.

He also accused of Mr Mohasoa of malice and mischief after the latter claimed in his resignation letter that the minister planned to recruit a new chief executive of the Road Fund without consulting its board for advice.

“The governing legislation of the Road Fund does not permit this (recruitment without consultation). But Mr Mohasoa uses this speculation deliberately to cast aspersions on my character. I consider this malicious and mischievous.”

He also said Mr Mohasoa had no reason to be aggrieved by his decision to reverse the Road Fund board decision to suspend the chief executive, Mr Makara, as the decision had been taken in the latter’s absence and without giving a hearing to enable him to respond to the misconduct allegations levelled against him.

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