Majantja in turmoil


MASERU — Majantja are in turmoil amid speculation the club’s president Sello Matete is about to throw in the towel.

Tensions have been simmering since the Mohale’s Hoek side were relegated from the Vodacom Premier League last season.

In an unexpected move, Majantja coach Khauta Monare has blamed the club president for the team’s “incompetence” last season.

The coach said Majantja’s executive committee had scheduled an urgent meeting for next week where Matete’s conduct and future will be the main items on the agenda.

“We want to have a meeting with our president urgently and the agenda is to find out from him if he is leaving the team like we’ve heard,” Monare told the Lesotho Times.

“We want him as Majantja president to confirm or deny the speculation that he is leaving the team so that we can move forward.”

Monare accused Matete of “favouring” players from Maseru when it came to team selection.

“His main problem was the influence he had over players based in Maseru which resulted in the incompetence shown last season,” Monare alleged.

“It is of no use for us to accuse certain individuals for our failures but at the end of the day he is the one who contributed to the team’s incompetence.”

Meanwhile, Monare has dismissed as illegitimate a new committee purportedly elected by the club’s supporters last week.

He said the supporters were out of line because they were not officially registered as Majantja FC supporters.

“These people have failed to register as Majantja supporters and that means we officially do not know that there is that new committee,” Monare said.

He said some people were taking advantage of the chaos at the club to cause further confusion.

“These people know that the team has problems with our president on certain issues and they are taking advantage,” Monare said.

Matete could not be reached for comment.



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