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‘Maesaiah donates to needy family

by Lesotho Times

Senate Lerotholi

FORMER First Lady, ‘Maesaiah Thabane says she will continue with the charity work that she started years ago.

Ms Thabane became Lesotho’s First Lady following her marriage to then Prime Minister Thomas Thabane on 27 August 2017, two months after he won that year’s general elections.

She went on to establish the ‘Maesaiah Thabane Trust Fund seeking to “embody the spirit of reconciliation and social justice to all Basotho through the creation of strategic networks and partners.”

The Trust Fund hosted several campaigns on health issues such as educating people on diabetes and HIV/Aids.

In July 2018, Ms Thabane hosted the 12th Stop Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancers in Africa Conference (SCCA), which was attended by some African First Ladies.

She has also donated to disadvantaged families across the country.

This week, the former First Lady extended a helping hand to a seven-year-old girl in Ha-Tsautse, Maseru.

The girl, together with her mentally challenged mother, are being looked after by an elderly woman from the same village.

‘Maesaiah gave the family some groceries.

She said she was on a mission to go back to families that she has assisted in the past to get feedback on how they have been doing.

The former First Lady noted that she would meet with charity organisations and some well-wishers to seek their help in building a house for the needy family.

“I was here in 2014 when the now seven-year-old girl was born. I am happy that the family reminded me this year that I still have a daughter to take care of here at Ha-Tsautse,” Ms Thabane said.

She added that society needs to realise and understand that mentally-challenged people like the girl’s mother had special needs that needed to be taken care of.

“We need to help such people as much as we can.”

Tsautse chief, Paseka Sehlabo said the needy family has been struggling to find an orphanage for the girl.

It has no means of income and relies on the old lady’s meagre pension and the M700 that the girl receives from the department of social development after every three months.

Chief Sehlabo said that the family also relies on help from other villagers but this was hardly enough.

Soon the family won’t have a shelter after the elderly woman was given a notice of eviction from the house she is renting.

“They have been given a warning to vacate their rented home because the houses there are going to be demolished to build new ones. It therefore means they will not have shelter anymore,” Chief Sehlabo said.

One of the villagers, Ntebaleng Moloi, said the family needs as much assistance as possible.

Ms Moloi said the seven-year-old child does not get enough care from her mother due to her mental illness.

She expressed her gratitude to ‘Maesaiah for donating groceries to the family.

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