Machesetsaaaaaaaaaa at it again…



There you have it.  Machesetsa Mofomobe is at it again. He thinks North Korea can bankroll his moribund Basotho National Party (BNP)?  He also things North Korea can replace America as Lesotho’s worthy benefactor.   Can someone there help me understand something? What planet does Machesetsa actually live on? Whatever it is, it is certainly not mother earth.

To say Machesetsa, the one who hates makoerekoeres,  is an irredeemable political clown is very unfair because it is being disrespectful of clowns. Clowns play a very useful role in life. They keep us entertained in circuses whereas Machesetsa doesn’t seem to have any real work except being a perennial deputy minister who does nothing real useful; thanks to the proportional representation seats that guarantees him a monthly wage as a permanent deputy minister.  It is certainly difficult to characterise Machesetsa. He is not a moron either. Because morons are really nice characters. They are just silly thoughtless characters who are good for a laugh.  Maybe calling Machesetsa a plain wag (buffoon) suffices.

America has invested billions in helping Lesotho save itself from itself. Through the Millenium Challenge Account, we now have have decent health, education  and clean water facilities. The fact that we cannot maintain this infrastructure is not America’s problem. It’s our problem because we have wacky politicians like Machesetsa.

North Korea’s contribution to Lesotho – according to Machesetsa-  is that it provided his rotund, obese and equally buffoonish great grandfather, Leabua Jonathan, with bombs and guns to protect himself from enemies. For those who don’t know’ Leabua is that “leader” who once lost elections and simply refused to hand over power, throwing Lesotho into endless turmoil and pushing Ntate Ntsu , the victor, into long exile. Oh by the way, North Korea also built the BNP Centre and Setsoto Stadium, according to Machesetsa.  Scrutator did not know this one. Yes, North Korea could have built the BNP Centre. That probably explains why that building is cursed and anyone who rents office space there will never achieve anything. But about Setsoto Stadium, Scrutator challenges Machesetsa to provide evidence that it was indeed built by the North Koreans. The last time  I checked, it was LSP that was busy rebuilding it under the direction of the ministry of Public Works. LSP would surely never ever been paid by the North Koreans.  If the North Koreans originally built it – as claimed by Machesetsa, then they did a really shit job. It also explains why that Stadium is cursed and Likuena will never qualify for both the African Cup of Nations and the soccer World Cup.  If Machesetsa is enamoured by North Korea because it gave Leabua guns and bombs to defend himself against whomsoever, then let’s have a very competent psychiatrist to examine Machesetsa. That’s not  the kind of assistance we have ever required. That’s also not a good enough  reason to admire the obese Kim Jong Un.

America is an enviable democracy with strong institutions to support it. When Americans suffered the ignominious moment – of having their own Machesetsa like buffoon called Donald Trump – it tested the strength and durability of American democracy. Judges appointed by Trump himself – Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barett and Brett Kavanaugh – rejected his canard that Trump’s well-deserved ouster by Joe Biden was a swindle.  Compare that with our own Machesetsa like woman – Mme Masefaro – who fought tooth, nail and claw to please Ntate Motsoahae at the expense of Ntate Nqosa Mahao. Though that is a story for another day, it explains why our democracy is fragile.

Were it not for President George Bush and the billions he gave to Africa through Pepfar, we probably would all have perished to HIV? What with Basotho’s love for unprotected knuoox.  In a nutshell, basket cases like Lesotho cannot exist without the patronage of  America and the European Union.

North Korea is a completely barren, hopeless and embarrassing  basket case. It is ruled by a short, shameless rotund Machesetsa like tin-pot dictator called Kim Jong Un. It is a hereditary kleptocracy with Jong Un’s father, Kim Jong il and grandfather Kim il Sung being his only predecessors. Just imagine if Ntate Motsoahae had left power to his son Potlako, with Potlako living it to his son Tumi. And then Tumi reserving power to his yet to be born son Bokolo.  There is no doubt that the souls of the elder Kims are all burning in eternal hell. Before their deaths, they had murdered millions of their citizens.

In North Korea, the price of opposing leader Kim Jong Un  is death by firing squad. Apparently 100 bullets are fired into your head. Even though you die by the first bullet, the other 99 are still pumped into your head anyway for the gratification of Jong Un, “the dear leader”.

Your testicles are then reaped out and eaten by Jong Un to fulfil his mystical belief of strong leadership. North Koreans are so poor that they feed on grass and tree leaves. In fact, Lesotho is far richer than North Korea. Whatever money comes into North Korea  is poured into the military to produce useless missiles regularly aimed in the Sea of Japan, ostensibly to prepare the regime for war against many imaginary enemies. How wonderful it would be if Machesetsa just volunteered to go and fight in the Korean army. That will at least guarantee him some real work.

For any political leader anywhere in the world to admire North Korea and see it as a source of any funding is rank madness.  What makes all this tragic for Lesotho is that Machesetsa is not only a deputy minister but a deputy minister of foreign affairs in Ntate Moeketsi  Majoro’s government.

That this man should represent the government at diplomatic events diminishes the Majoro government. That Machesetsa is a deputy foreign minister diminishes all Basotho.  That he is the likely successor of Ntate Maseribane as BNP leader, diminishes the BNP. That he is even its deputy leader also diminishes that Grand Old Party. That Ntate Majoro won’t fire Machesetsa after his latest diplomatic goofing against the Americans diminishes Ntate Majoro.

But for those who want to see the demise of the BNP, it’s good that Machesetsa might as well just become its new leader.  The party will then just become a buffoonish look alike of its new leader. It won’t be worth anyone’s attention. It will not get any of its backdoor PR seats. Yes, it won’t help us reduce the number of our numerous political parties which are formed every day. But it will at least guarantee we reduce the number of wacky politicians among our midst.

The Americans, who have been our worthy benefactors, are right to be miffed by Mofomobe’s diatribe.   They issued a lengthy statement complaining about the failure of the newspaper that first reported about Machesetsa’s diatribe to contact them for a response to his many false remarks. It’s never a good thing to tolerate lies, even those from a  lying buffoon like Machesetsa. But if I were the American Embassy in Lesotho, or specifically Ambassador Rebecca Gonzales, I would have let it go. I would not have dignified Machesetsa with any response. By responding to him,  America has in fact stroked his vain ego. He will now make America his election issue. The good thing is many Basotho know that America has been a a perennially good friend of Lesotho. Without America and the EU,  Machesetsa would probably have long perished to Aids. His particular love for knooux  and his endless libido is also well known. Thanks to the consistent assistance from America, we have been able to contain the spread of this pandemic.

Machesetsa is right to be miffed by America’s double standards in assisting in the continued subjugation of Palestinians by the heartless jews. We all are. But that surely cannot make North Korea a better friend of Lesotho. Nor even an ally of the BNP. We however wish Machesetsa lucky in any sojourn to the dear leader for fundraising. Hope he returns with bags of money. He can then buy a new wardrobe to replace those old checked suits that confirms him as Lesotho’s answer to Mr Bean. He can give the old suits to his herdboy. Good luck as well to any journalist who wastes their time, like Ambassador Gonzales, bothering about Machesetsa.

Scrutator was heartbroken to see hordes of factory workers pillaging Maseru this week to protest their measly M2000 wages. Surely and understandably, no one can survive on such a measly wage. But being angry and pillaging the streets is not the answer. The answer – as I have said before – if for us Basotho to own these factories and keep their profits within Lesotho.

The answer is for us Basotho to create and own more factories. Surely, sewing clothes is not such a big deal (rocket science) to require someone to come all the way from Taiwan to direct us how to do it. Believe me we can do it. Only if we begin taking ourselves seriously.  The problem with letting someone come from Taiwan to do it is that once they are here, they must pay their set-up costs. They must then make a margin to return to Taiwan. If that profit margin could be made to stay in Lesotho, then we can have more money to pay ourselves. We don’t know if these Taiwanese and Chinese even repatriate their margins to Lesotho, after they have exported to America, or simply ask the Americans to divert a larger portion of their profits to Taipei and Beijing.  But the solution is not to chase these slitty eyed Taiwanese – to quote Princip Philip, the dearly departed husband of Queen Elizabeth. The solution is to harness our own entrepreneurial etiquette to do for ourselves what these Taiwanese came to do here. Either that or we let them stay doing what they came to do. But let’s then not pillage the streets in protest. Let’s understand we are not masters of our own destiny. They are!


p/s By the way, was a new political party formed this week. If not why not? Have we lost our mojo fellow Basotho? 



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