Machakela is a man of the people

Sello Machakela, the former labour minister, is indeed a “man of the people”.

Apart from wooing crowds at the All Basotho Convention (ABC) rallies, Machakela has admitted that he is also a fornicator of repute.

Scrutator didn’t say it: the man admitted last week that the woman he is accused of beating was his lover and they had been in love for more than a year.

I fornicated because I was lonely, said the MP whose wife and four children are based in South Africa.

Then, as if to exonerate himself, Machakela accused the woman of “being a thief of money”.

That woman is trying to tarnish my image because I refused to give her M500 for her child’s school fees, with the gusto of a village bumpkin.

It didn’t occur to him that as an MP, never mind a PR one, he had an obligation to maintain high moral standards.

In a country where HIV affects a quarter of the population we don’t need politicians who behave like they are on “heat” or they have just mistaken a pack of aphrodisiacs for headache painkillers.

Politicians must learn to keep their excitable things in their pants if we are going to win the battle against HIV.

Scrutator has never been more serious about anything in her life.

We cannot have politicians gallivanting our villages behaving as if having sexual intercourse with multiple partners is a virtue.

This girl from Qacha’s Nek wants to puke.

Scrutator has not forgiven the MP for his roving eye but for now she wants to talk about his passion for frugality.

Scrutator is perturbed that a whole MP could refuse to pay school fees for his girlfriend’s child.

Hasn’t Machakela heard of the African adage that says “he who cuts a branch must be prepared to drag it along with its twigs and leaves”?

Another one says “an elephant cannot be burdened by its own tusk”.

Machakela should know that a woman has needs no matter how riffraff they are. 

He cannot “chow” them and then deny them the basics of life.

They need soap to bath so they look nice.

They must eat well so their skins can glow and they should smell nice.

If the MP does not understand these basic facts then he has no business courting women.

Mistresses, Ntate Machakela, are for people with money.

They come with costs.

That is why Scrutator will never date the great unwashed of the earth. 

Poor men are a nuisance (do I hear howls of protests from those with perforated pockets?).

Yes I said: A man must be able to take care of his woman.

By refusing to part with a miserable M500 the MP has shown he is playing a game that he cannot afford.

It would have been better if the MP had not stretched his man-of-the-people title too far.

Clearly the old man likes to fish very far from his class.

The two are shockingly incongruent to each other.

Could it be that the lawmaker likes his things cheap or he is indeed a man of the people?

Or that he genuinely likes them “humble”.

Scrutator reckons men like Machakela are clearly hostile to women who will challenge myopic ideas.

Such men like their women who live on their benevolence.

They like women who ululate when they bring them those oily KFC Streetwise pieces. They like women who cry tears of joy when they bring bagfuls of cheap quality clothes.

That is probably why when the woman started raising her standards the MP was infuriated.

He could not fathom why a woman who was once contented with M100 handouts was now demanding M500.

Machakela wanted his woman cheap and there was no way another girlfriend was going to upset his shoestring budget for fornication.

For demanding that the next time he gives her money it must at least be enough to help her migrate from Pep to Truworths, the woman invited the ire of the Sugar Dad.

The woman was merely demanding a bit more “class” from a man who earns M21 000 in a country where the average wage is M800.

What she probably did not know was that she might not have been the only one in the feeding trough. 

She was probably booted for wanting to get more than the others.

A human being is indeed a complex creature.

He is also capable of unleashing unbelievable evil on fellow men, either for self-preservation or sheer personal gratification.

But Scrutator had never thought men could plumb to such depths of depravity as we saw this week.

A 41-year-old man from Semonkong was slapped with a 15-year jail sentence after he was found guilty of raping his 16-year-old daughter.

Scrutator believes such a sentence was too light.

He should have been castrated, jailed for life with the keys to his prison cell thrown into Mohokare River to be washed to the ocean.

Such “animals” should have no mercy. Wicked men such as him must rot in jail.

When a hen starts eating its own eggs, we burn its beak.

This simple strategy is meant to teach it a hard lesson — that you can’t eat your own product.

But the story in Semonkong was a queer one by all accounts.

He allegedly sought permission from his wife to rape his daughter.

What chick!

He is also alleged to have asked her daughter if she knew that many girls were getting pregnant and that they were being infected with the HIV.

The father is then alleged to have “offered” to protect her daughter by having sex with her himself.

What bunkum!

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