LTDC to launch Lesotho’s tourism brand identity



The new tourism identity is designed to showcase Lesotho’s high altitude and unique landscape.Motsamai Mokotjo

THE Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation (LTDC) is set to launch a new tourism brand identity and slogan to showcase the country as a unique destination.

LTDC Public Relations Manager, ‘Manchafalo Motšoeneng, told the Lesotho Times yesterday that Lesotho’s new positioning statement would be “The Unexpected High”, while the new slogan will be “The Kingdom in the Sky”.

“Business leaders from a variety of market segments as well as brand development experts participated in vision workshops and meetings throughout the creative process since last year, in order to understand the identity, core values and cultural values of Basotho,” said Ms Motšoeneng, adding that it was part of a larger strategy to boost the tourism sector in the country.

“During those meetings, we were able to hear all angles of what the Lesotho brand should represent. Our end goal was to develop a cohesive identity that not only represents Lesotho’s destination appeal, but also serves as a brand umbrella for the entire tourism private sector players.”

She noted that the destination brand identity was meant to provide a consistent and positive voice for Lesotho.

“The new Lesotho tourism and corporate brand is designed to showcase Lesotho’s high altitude, unique landscape and Basotho’s cultural identity through a graphic art that requires a second look,” Ms Motšoeneng said.

“It incorporates the four signature attributes of Lesotho such as welcoming, majestic, energetic and authentic. It is also designed in such a way that the first look creates the desire to know the story behind Lesotho as a destination, hence we believe Lesotho will be a must-visit destination.”

She said the LTDC would no longer use multiple slogans such as “mountain kingdom”, “real people, real culture, real mountains”, and “be challenged by nature”.

“We will be aligning ourselves to international best practices through the use of a single tagline or the slogan “The kingdom in the sky,” said Ms Motšoeneng.

The LTDC’s goal, she said, was to entice potential visitors to want to learn more about Lesotho and plan visits to Lesotho.

“With the help of further research, coupled with our planned marketing strategies and partnerships with relevant and key stakeholders together with the new brand, we believe all the pieces will come together to create a strong image for Lesotho so that it stands out from the crowd of regional and international competitors,” Ms Motšoeneng added.

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