LRA warns tax evaders



Mamohlakola Letuka

THE Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) has urged companies and the public to complete their tax returns to avoid unnecessary penalties and non-compliance charges.

The tax return form is completed as part of the process of paying income taxes. The tax returns facilitates the calculation of tax liability.

LRA public relations and communication officer, Phutheho Mphana this week told the Lesotho Times that late returns could attract unnecessary penalties while noncompliance could lead to prosecution.

“People tend to postpone filing and end up missing the deadline, leading to penalties for late filling.” Mr Mphana said in an interview.

He said that most individuals committed the crime of noncompliance out of ignorance of their obligations, as they believed that it was only meant for the corporate world.

He said they recently held a fun walk with the theme Comply & Relax, aimed at encouraging and raising awareness on the importance of tax filling.

Acting LRA commissioner, Idia Penane underscored the importance of complying with tax laws in her address to the participants.

She said it was the responsibility of individuals and corporate entities to work together for the development of the nation as “taxes build nations”.

“The awareness (campaign) is important since we are left with few days before the deadline. People need to fill in their forms to avoid committing a crime.

“We urge for all the taxpayers to finalise their returns and act responsibly towards building Lesotho” Ms Penane said.

She added that they were hosting workshops to educate business people on the importance of tax filling and they would be setting up mobile offices to disseminate relevant information regarding tax filling and returns.

She concluded by saying that they were also working with media houses to raise awareness.

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