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Lovers revitalise affairs at Valentine’s dinner

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Love was in the air.

Red, white and black were the theme colours for the night.

Only a few chose to come dressed in different colours.

It was clear that the women were clearly dressed to impress with the men complementing their partners.

Men in expensive suits had carefully selected their colour-coded suits.

Most were wearing red ties.

Red petals were spread on the tables.

Red and white flowers were dominant amid a background of candle lights.

This was the setting at the Ultimate Miss EV Valentine’s Dinner held at Maseru Sun on Friday.

It was an atmosphere filled with love and gave lovers a platform to revitalise their love.

At least 250 people attended the romantic dinner.

Guests listened to love songs, poetry and comedy in line with the Valentine’s Day mood.

The night got off to a great start with romantic poetry from Kholu Lieta.

Lieta’s poetry left guests with wide smiles as they were enveloped by the warmth of love.

Popular musical group, Kingdom Classics, were also keen not to be outdone.

Their first set saw the quartet performing songs like, The man you love, Diamante, Unchained melody, Somewhere and un-break your heart.

“The selection of music was a heart-touching package for lovers,” Tuoe Hantsi of Kingdom Classic told the Weekender.

He said they were overwhelmed by requests from their fans to perform these love songs.

“People who have seen us perform at different events requested that we hold an event where we will perform a wide range of songs, preferably love songs, because that is what we are popular for,” Hantsi said.

“We then spoke to EV and Maseru Sun who were already working on a Valentine’s Day event and we chose a theme that depicted Kingdom Classic bringing love on Valentine’s Day,” Hantsi said.

The classical music group performed 20 love songs during the night.

After dinner it was time for local comedian Cura to take the stage by storm.

Cura left the lovers in stitches as he performed his antics focusing on relationships and marriage.

Throughout his session he emphasised the need to build trust within relationships.

Cura talked about a man who was caught in another man’s house but managed to flee naked.

When he arrived home, panting, he found his wife and in a bid to explain himself, he mumbled: “My wife, I was robbed, they took everything, from my hat to my shoes.”

The woman then asked: “They took everything and left the condom?”

EV Cosmetics and Saloon boss, Lebohang Ramone, thanked guests telling them that the dinner gala will be an annual event.

“It is our mandate to promote local talent so this event as well as the annual Miss Ultimate EV will incorporate local talent,” Ramone said.

A day earlier, Maseru had seen a counter event dubbed Boycott Valentine’s Day at Times Cafe.

There was no trace of the colour red, with no romantic music being played.

It was an ordinary night that saw the likes of Chino, Shaixtancy, Maxmora, DJ Slatz and DJ Mosh blazing hip hop tunes.

The night brought an atmosphere where affection simply had no place.

The night started off at a slow pace but by midnight the dance floor was full with revellers getting down to party tunes.

They stayed on until the wee hours of Friday morning.

Lebohang Clayton of Just Flawless told the Weekender that the turn-up of about 100 people was not what they had expected.

“Not a lot of people bought into our concept but we are happy that some people came and actually had fun,” Clayton said.

“We had about five people who decided to be different and rockedup wearing red. They were fined for attending an anti-Valentine event in Valentine colours.”

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