Love and cherish your siblings

I HAVE the craziest, most annoying little sister! She knows how to shove her stubby little fingers into my proverbial behind, so deep, that sometimes I think that is all she thinks about when she is alone!

I have a feeling she actually sits down and plots “so, how am I going to push her buttons today?”

But truth be told though, I love her to bits and there is nothing I would not do for her.

Hold on, I guess it would be safer to say, I can do almost everything for her, to make sure she is happy!

She is the youngest in the family, she comes right after me and so you can imagine the fights that have come up between us throughout the years!

The biggest issue that has caused countless fights has been the fact that she is a decade younger than me, and she has this great idea that I am actually the one who is younger! Hee bana!

I have to be honest though; there are times she has made much more sense than I!

And she has covered the aforementioned proverbial behind a whole lot of times betterthan I can count!

We are so different yet so alike (if that makes sense)!

First, let us talk about the differences; she is a perfect lady, and as most of you all know, I am a total slob and sloth!

She has really big plans about her future, and quite focused; when I was her age, I did not know half of what she knows, and I honestly had no real direction!

She has this fabulous dress sense and knows how to dress up for her body — I will not even go into detail about my dress sense, most of you usually want to cover your eyes when I pass!

She is very spiritual, and I try never to compare myself with her because it always makes me feel like a heathen!

Her faith in the Almighty has actually got me through some really tough times because she is one person who always reminds me to pray and give thanks!

Hey, I do pray, but sometimes it kind of slips my mind! (I am just being honest here; at least no one can accuse me of being a liar and a hypocrite)

She is grounded and has the best self-esteem ever! She is confident and has no qualms about her looks or life!

I, a mess, have so many conspiracy theories on how life might just go wrong for me and I always have a complaint about one or two of my body parts, and I deal with that by trying to actually hide!

She is a stunner, very appealing to the eye! I actually envy her because I am actually halfway to looking like an ogress these days!

She has impeccable manners; she has tried and unfortunately failed to convert me into a proper human being!

My manners can sometimes shame a homeless pig!

It really never makes sense to me why I have to use a spoon when I have my “flesh fork” that works so well, and I am not that bad because I do wash before and after!

We both have this crazy imagination, but at times hers seems to surpass mine by miles!

She knows how to come up with the most seamless excuses and explanations about anything and everything at the most perfect of times!

She can spin a beautiful fascinating tale that will leave you enthralled and wishing the story had no end!

There are times I wish I was a millionaire, because there is so much I would want to give and show her about life, and with her great appetite and taste in finer things, it surely burns a big hole in the already empty pocket, (though these days her pockets seem to be quite pudgier than mine)!

No matter the little tiffs we have between us as family, we all must appreciate and be grateful that they are there as part of our lives!

Little brothers and sisters are generally pains in the rear end of our anatomies but they are also a blessing!

I used to be mad at my folks for replacing me as their sepepelloa le bohobe (the favourite), but I seriously cannot imagine my life without her, I have learned so much from the little brat!

This is a plea from me to you, everyone with siblings, to appreciate them, love them and cherish them!

I know they can be very irritating, what with them always swiping your clothes and breaking, tearing or losing all your other stuff; but you know what, just love them!

For those without siblings, especially younger ones, believe me you are missing out a lot, though che, some of the things you are better off not experiencing a lot!

And so, because I am generous and I want the world to be a better place, with people full of happy thoughts and smiles — I am putting my marvelous, gorgeous little sister for auction!

Hit me up if you are interested!

This offer is open until November 16, 2011! Going once, going twice, GONE!


Moleboheng Rampou is a freelance writer based in Maseru

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