LORA donates to villagers


Leemisa Thuseho  

THE Lesotho Off-Road Association (LORA) on Tuesday donated food parcels to five Maseru villages in response to the hardships brought about by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The recipients were from Ha-Monyane, Likotopong, Ha-Ntahli, Ha-Khanyetsi and Ha- Semione. At least 100 families benefitted.

LORA chairperson Tubatsi Kuoe said it was imperative for them to assist the villages which also host their annual Roof of Africa.

Kuoe said the donations were funded by their annual collections of M100 per rider.

“We ask all the riders to donate at least M100 during the Roof of Africa race and the money goes towards improving the lives of villagers,” Kuoe said.

“We use the money based on the needs that we discern in different villages.”

Lesotho Sports and Recreation Commission (LSRC) president Jobo Raswoko hailed LORA for giving back to the community.

“Sometimes riders become victims of ill-treatment at the hands of shepherds in the mountains and even from children who sometimes pelt them with stones or tempering with their route signs.

“But now they see the importance of sports. The villagers must go and teach their children to do good and love sports. They must respect the riders,” Raswoko said.

Welcoming the donations, village chief of Ha-Semione Leronti Ramashamole promised that they would always strive for the safety of the riders during the races.

“Before the races, I always hold public gatherings to educate the villagers so that they are ready to welcome the riders,” Ramashamole said.

He said LORA’s kindness would motivate the community to welcome them cordially.

On behalf of the recipients, ‘Mamoeketsi Nkhahle expressed gratitude to LORA. She said the villagers’ situation was so dire that they believe that the doners were sent by God to rescue them.

“These are God’s good deeds and they will always be remembered. I pray that God helps you succeed in all your work,” Nkhahle said.

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