Local spinners off to Soweto


Mamohlakola Letuka

LOCAL spinners, Agent K and Deep Forlan are among the disc jockeys chosen to crack some fire-works at Urban Kollective Soweto bash this Saturday in South Africa.

Urban Kollective is a movement of nine DJs from different cities, including Johannesburg, Maseru, Kimberly and Mpumalanga, on a mission to promote different house genres popular in various areas.

The event organizer, Tumelo ‘Deep Forlan’ Nthane, said the initiative aims to promote talent through cities as one way to foster collaboration.

“Collaboration is very important in the music industry because it exposes you to new ways of making music, in addition to supporting better productions that can appeal to a wider range of fans and developing the industry,” Deep Forlan said.

The Urban Kollective comprise nine DJs; and the Soweto event will mark the launch of this movement.

“This is an initiative we have been planning for a while in our efforts to promote disc jockeying as an art that adds value to the entertainment industry. We thought it would be exciting to combine our talents and bring the best in us based on what we have learnt over the years in our different operating spaces. Our job is to entertain our fans and we want to be as creative and as innovative as possible to keep them happy,” Deep Forlan said.

He said while they will be happy to have other DJs join them, currently the movement is not yet open for other performers. However, the movement is planning an “All Black” event on 28 April, which seeks to promote local talent.

In the Soweto bash, Deep Forlan and Agent K, will be sharing the decks with the likes of DJ Boipelo, LadyPK, DJ Stigga, and T-Smooth among others.

Agent K, whose real name is Moeketsi Mphuthi, learned his craft from big names such as DJ Thabbie, Tsebo and the late Pozzino who are among the pioneers of House music deejaying in Lesotho.

Agent K began by shadowing these acts at different shows in 2004 and he also got slots on the local radio station, PC FM, during DJ Thabbie and Zipompe’s shows, using the stage name, Karma K.

He relocated to South Africa in 2008 where he worked with the likes of Kanunu, Vinny Da Vinci and Miss Jones before returning home in 2010.

He continued with the House sounds, eventually changing his stage name to Agent K in 2015 before launching the Agent of House brand, which includes a clothing line.

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