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Local designers in collaboration

by Lesotho Times
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Nthatuoa Koeshe

LOCAL design stable Thefabricera will for the next two weeks be releasing images online from its Ka Stopong fashion photography series.

The project is a collaboration with Bonono Merchants and Nobodies Clothing and an additional feature by a South African brand dubbed Simon and Mary.

The pictures, some of which have already been posted on Instagram stories from last week, were taken at taxi ranks (Ka stopong) in Maseru. The series is aimed at creating an understanding of the local fashion brands and the stories behind the brands.

Thefabricera creatives manager, Sobukwe Mapefane said they want people to familiarise with their brands, the stories, the concept and the people behind the brands.

“One of our main objectives as a digital platform on which artists are able to coexist within each other’s realms of creation is to bring together Bonono Merchants and Nobodies Clothing because of the reputation that both stables have created for themselves,” Mapefane said.

He said they were aware of “the African farmers’ aesthetic that Bonono Merchants has and Nobodies artsy Asian street approach” and developed a concept that would depict Basotho’s daily lives.

“It was easy to merge and create an artistic bridge between the two local brands.”

He said they wanted to build a fashion culture and also use the platform to secure international collaborations for cultural exchange programmes.

“Many people can relate to the taxi rank where they do various businesses so the name Ka stopong became relevant for the project and also we will include them in the photoshoots,” he said.

He said by simply looking at the way people dress one can tell where they come from in the country.

“I believe that this is a step in the right direction so that we continue building relations and share ideas so that we build each other,” Mapefane said.

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