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LNGIC beefs up its vehicle insurance policy

by Lesotho Times
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Bereng Mpaki

HOLDERS of the Lesotho National General Insurance Company’s (LNGIC) vehicle insurance policy can now enjoy roadside assistance at no additional costs.

The insurance company on Tuesday announced its partnership with Tracker Lesotho, which availed extra services to clients.

LNGIC managing director Ralitapole Letsoela told a journalists during a media briefing that all clients with personal motor vehicle insurance policies at LNGIC would automatically be covered for road assistance services starting from this October.

Services included in the roadside assistance package are emergency medical response, stabilisation, medical transportation, vehicle break down, vehicle involved in an accident, flat tyre assistance, battery jump start, emergency fuel delivery, message relay service, vehicle repatriation, car lookout service, car hire service and trip interruption services.

Mr Letsoela further said that LNGIC’s clients have the option to install a tracking device (known as Skytrax) on their vehicles at a discounted fee of 20 percent, while at the same time they will also qualify for a 20 percent discount on their insurance policies for installing the tracking device on their vehicles.

The senior manager underwriting at LNGIC, Mosebi Mahloko, said the decision to improve the company’s vehicle service package is meant to reward the company’s loyal clients and to entice prospective customers to come on board.

He said a client will be covered twice for each type of service annually. He added that clients will get maximum coverage amount of M750 per incident for ambulance service, courtesy and accident tow and roadside assistance courtesy.

For his part, Tracker managing director Lisema Masheane, said the partnership would bring mutual benefit to both partners as well as their respective clients.

“Our mutual clients are going to benefit from this partnership. We have automated impact alert technology which is going to help us to see your car if it is involved in an accident even without the client making a call.

“That will enable us to dispatch help as soon as we can because we can detect an accident and also pin point the location of the accident,” Mr Masheane said.

He said the speedy response has the potential to save lives of those involved in accidents, who may not be in a position to make distress calls.

“We therefore feel that with this partnership, we are adding significant value to the customers of both companies.”

Mr Masheane further said the partnership would allow his organisation to put its technology to better use while improving people’s lives.

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