Litjobo threatens to ‘expose’ Sekatle’s ‘secrets’



DC Women’s League President Dr Pontšo Sekatle
DC Women’s League President Dr Pontšo Sekatle

Billy Ntaote

Democratic Congress (DC) Youth League leader Thuso Litjobo has threatened to “expose” Dr Pontšo Sekatle’s “personal secrets” if the Women’s League President “continues sowing divisions” within the party.

Mr Litjobo made the threat in his opening speech at the League’s ninth district conference held on Saturday night in Maseru as the infighting in the DC reached unprecedented levels.

He also accused Dr Sekatle of despising the party’s deputy leader Monyane Moleleki, which he said was “the root cause” of the internal strife which is threatening to split the DC.

Mr Litjobo further claimed he had been reliably informed that Dr Sekatle, who is also Local Government and Chieftainship Affairs Minister, was allegedly planning to defect to the Lesotho Congress for Democracy together with four other ministers.

“I should not be here to call ‘Me’ Pontšo to order but her hatred for our deputy leader has gone too far; it started a long time ago when we were still part of the LCD (before the DC was officially launched in February 2012).

“When we failed to form government after the 26 May 2012 general elections and we were relegated to the opposition, her hatred was amplified. Our leader (Prime Minister Pakalitha Mosisili) decided to appoint his deputy the official leader of the opposition in parliament but ‘Me’ Pontšo protested against this because she wanted the position for herself.”

Mr Litjobo went on to call for Dr Sekatle’s removal from the leadership of the party’s Women’s League.

“She is not fit to be this party’s Women’s League president. When Ntate Moleleki was fighting for his life and bedridden (with cancer) in Bloemfontein, ‘Me’ Pontšo accused him of being preoccupied with appointing ministers instead of sympathising with him,” he said.

Mr Litjobo also said he learnt from “reliable sources” that Dr Sekatle wanted LCD leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Mothetjoa Metsing, to succeed Dr Mosisili when he retires as premier.

Mr Litjobo continued his attack: “Do you know you’re working this hard and having sleepless nights but you are serving the interests of the LCD? You are working this hard so that the LCD leader can be prime minister.”

Mr Litjobo further told the conference that Dr Sekatle had now confirmed what he thought was mere gossip spread by the opposition to create confusion in the DC.

“Our women’s league President told a rally that when Ntate Mosisili steps down, Ntate Metsing would take over the premiership.

“But we disagree; we cannot be cheated by the LCD. We did not enter into this coalition government to be led by the LCD. The coalition agreement is clear that the Prime Minister would come from the DC while the Deputy Prime Minister comes from the LCD,” said Mr Litjobo.

Mr Litjobo also claimed his sources told him that Dr Sekatle, together with five other ministers, allegedly approached Dr Mosisili asking him to help them defect to the LCD.

“I want to give you a tip-off. It is alleged that after our national executive committee’s election (in September last year), ‘Me’ Pontšo and four other ministers, went to meet the Prime Minister.

“We learnt that they feared since their people had lost the Youth League elections, they would eventually be fired as ministers if Ntate Moleleki became prime minister. They claimed those who had won the elections were Ntate Moleleki’s loyalists and would influence him to fire them.”

Mr Litjobo then urged DC members not to vote for Dr Sekatle again.

“When the women’s league elective conference comes, you should not re-elect her. Her main agenda is fueling divisions within the party and not our growth.”

Mr Litjobo added: “The first coalition government led by Ntate Thomas Thabane collapsed because after the expiry of his first 18 months in office, which qualified him to be pensionable, he disobeyed the coalition’s founding agreement and said his administration was governed according to the country’s constitution only.

“He said the coalition agreement was just a gentleman’s agreement but we cannot do what he did and disobey the coalition agreement.

“It is unfortunate that even though the coalition agreement is clear who should be Prime Minister, ‘Me’ Pontšo says when Ntate Mosisili steps down, Ntate Metsing should be the one to take over.

“Maybe by the time our leader steps down, the LCD would be the party with the highest number seats in parliament, because that is the only thing that can make that happen.

“I urge all DC members to work for the party and be prepared to die for this party. People who want to defect to the LCD are saying if Ntate Moleleki becomes prime minister, he would fire them from their cabinet positions.

“But we cannot be deceived into having a Prime Minister appointed for us; a Prime Minister should be elected in Parliament and in line with the coalition government agreement.

“The Women’s League president says she and her supporters would now be wearing the predominantly green and black colours of the DC and not the red colours of our party, which betrays their intention to return to the LCD.

“Ntate Moleleki was attacked at his home by known members of the LCD (2006). He was shot and his case later became a mockery as it was said he shot himself with a knife. Those people who said this ended leaving the LCD.

But we are today told to sympathize with Metsing today because his home was shot (in 2008) at while holding his newborn.

“I pray for Moleleki to have good health. It’s unfortunate that ‘Me’ Pontšo has made unfortunate statements against us and Ntate Moleleki.

“But I hope she won’t repeat what she has been doing, or else we will go personal and reveal her personal secrets”.

Mr Litjobo also told the youths to remain defiant regarding the implementation of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Commission of Inquiry recommendations. Among the recommendations was the dismissal of army commander Lieutenant-General Tlali Kamoli.

“They cannot just be implemented without due diligence being observed by our government. When it comes to the opposition call for Lieutenant-General Kamoli to step down, we won’t compromise and allow it to happen.”

Repeated efforts to get Dr Sekatle’s comment, which included visiting her office, were fruitless this week, as she continuously said she could not talk because she was in a meeting.

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