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Litjobo forgives his attackers

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — Aspiring MP Refiloe Litjobo says he has forgiven the three men who attacked at a local club last month.

Litjobo, a Democratic Congress (DC) candidate, was brutally attacked as he walked out of Good Times Café on March 16.

He suspects he was attacked because he was wearing a DC T-shirt.

The attack happened after his argument with businessman These Phooko and Thaba-Bosiu principal chief, Khoabane Theko at the club.

The restaurant is owned by Phooko.

Litjobo later told the Lesotho Times he believed Phooko and Chief Theko were behind his attack.

Phooko and Chief Theko however said they only heard about Litjobo’s attack the next day.

Litjobo told a press conference on Monday that although the police have arrested the three men who attacked him he has decided not to press charges.

He said he has decided to forgive the three men after he met them at the Maseru Central Charge Office on March 23.

“After a lengthy discussion on March 23 I decided to forgive them and will no longer be laying any charges,” Litjobo said.

The men have also agreed to replace the phone that Litjobo lost during the attack.

The police have told him they would only drop the charges after the men have compensated him.

The young politician, however declined to reveal the identities of his attackers.

The men, he said, had agreed to come forward on condition that he does not reveal their names to the public.

“They asked me not to reveal their names and I agreed. I will honour the promise I made and will not reveal their names for their safety.”

He said he had also forgiven Phooko and Chief Theko, the men he accuses of instigating his attack.

“I want them to know that I forgive them also”.

He however said he was disappointed that Phooko and Chief Theko were claiming that they knew nothing about his attack.

“It defies logic how These Phooko and Khoabane Theko could claim to know nothing about my assault when I was taken by my assailants right in front of them.”

“There’s something fishy about this whole thing. It reminds one of when Judas betrayed Jesus by kissing him so his killers could identify him.”

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