Litjobo brothers ‘living in fear’



AD’s Koro-Koro constituency candidate Refiloe Litjobo

’Marafaele Mohloboli

THE Litjobo brothers, Refiloe and Thuso, who are both members of the Alliance of Democrats (AD) say they have been alerted to a plot to assassinate them.

Refiloe recently told the Lesotho Times that he received a tip-off that he and his brother Thuso, who is the President of the AD Youth League were being “hunted like animals by people who wanted them dead”.

“There is a mission to kill us and unfortunately some of the people who are being used to tail us happen to be our close friends,” Refiloe said.

He narrated how, on Saturday while in Mazenod at about 2pm, they received a tip-off that they should leave the place before 5pm which they subsequently did.

He said further to that “at around 8pm, I received some unannounced visitors at my home”.

“And as I left for my bedroom, I received yet another tip-off that there were people surrounding my house and they were there to carry out their plot to kill me but they couldn’t gain entry into the house on account of the presence of other people in the house who were not targeted and could be caught in the attack”.

He said the door was even opened from the outside and closed even though no-one entered and attacked them that night.

“On Sunday afternoon I again received another tip-off that there would be an attack in the evening and we would have to leave before the end of the party rally which was held in Koro-Koro.

ALLIANCE of Democrats (AD) youth league president Thuso Litjobo is facing a murder charge for allegedly shooting to death an AD member early this month

He said while he had his suspicions, he had “heard that there is mission to topple the government and the only way to do that is to get us killed and cause violence that will unseat the government”.

“I am very worried that there are people who feel they are more privileged to live safely in this country than others at our taxes’ expense.

“It is quite scary to see ‘Boko-Haram’ rising within the government among the security agencies because in some countries we call such groups rebels and this only says that there are elements within the security agencies that need to be dealt with.”

The brothers said they were dealing with a “very dangerous syndicate” and “we no longer know who to trust and who not to trust and we won’t take these threats lightly”.

Thuso said he suspected they were being followed by some elements from security institutions.

“I know who are behind this plot, maybe that is why we are always escaping, even if they succeed they will have used people close to us and those will be people who have once served in the security agencies.

“It is sad to be in this situation even after our successful struggle to put in place a government we voted for,” Thuso said, adding, “but we believe that the Lord will protect us as always”.

Thuso has previously fingered the security sector in plots against him and his claims have been rejected as untrue by the latter.

Police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Clifford Molefe confirmed receiving a complaint from the brothers, adding, “We are working on it as the police”.

“We would therefore like to appeal to those behind these acts to refrain from them and if it’s anything to go by, they should report their matter to the police because no one has a right to threaten another person,” Senior Superintendent Molefe said.

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