Lioli winger set to leave for Spain

MASERU — Lioli winger ‘Montoeli Sonopo is finally set to leave for Spain after he signed his contract and received his travel visa last week.

Sonopo’s family is however still to set the travel dates.

In an interview with the Lesotho Times, the family said they were confident that their son will do the nation proud when he takes to the field in La Liga.

‘Montoeli’s mother, ‘Mamokete Sonopo, said although they are delighted by their son’s move, they want to remain cautious.

“As a family we are expecting only good things from ‘Montoeli and there are three things that we’ve been stressing to him since we were informed that he will be leaving for Spain,” ‘Mamokete said.

“First, he must continue being disciplined and not allow fame and money to mess up his head.

“Secondly, he must continue to listen and respect orders given to him by his coaches.

“He must not change because of fame and the opportunity God has given him; instead he must use this to raise Lesotho’s flag high.”

‘Mamokete said she was confident that “with hard work and discipline (Sonopo) will be able to pull through”.

The 17-year-old Sonopo said he was aware that he could pave the way for other talented Basotho to ply their trade in Europe.

“Surely I will have to work extra hard once I get there,” Sonopo said.

“I believe in working extra hard to secure a constant place in the team as well as open more opportunities for Basotho youngsters,” he said.

Sonopo signed for Athletico Madrid in July but delayed going there as he was still waiting for his work permit and visa to be processed.

Sonopo said that with his family’s blessings, he is sure that he will not disappoint both Lioli and Athletico Madrid.

“My family is happy for me and my parents have been stressing the importance of discipline, respect and hard work since the day we discovered that I had been signed by Athletico Madrid.”

He added: “I have seen that in Spain they play fast-paced football and they run a lot and I am certain I will fit in perfectly.”

Lioli communications and marketing manager, Moeketsi Pitso, said everything had now been sorted and they were now waiting for the player’s parents to give them the go-ahead on the travel dates.

“Everything has been finalised.

“The contract has been signed and he has already received his visa,” Pitso said.

“The only thing we are waiting for is for his parents’ approval on the dates that Sonopo is supposed to leave the country,” he said.

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