Lilaphalapha targets SA, Africa


Nthatuoa Koeshe

ACTOR, producer and director of the Sesotho comic movie series Lilaphalapha, Bofihla Neko, says his team intends to showcase its upcoming sequel in South Africa as well as at Pan African Film and Television Festival next year.

The fourth instalment of the movie is expected to be premiered on 28 September 2019 at Victory Hall in Maseru.

Popularly referred to as Lilaphalapha, the artiste said they wish to take the movie to the Pan African Film and Television Festival in Burkina Faso, held biennially in Ouagadougou, where the organisation is based.

He said apart from targeting South African Cinemas, they are also trying to get onto South African television channels to ensure that it reaches more people.

He said the new drive is aimed at avoiding piracy which has in the past cost them.

“The past three instalments of Lilaphalapha, we have faced different challenges where only a few people buy copies but the whole country ends up having it because of pirated versions hence we decided to go big this time,” Lilaphalapha said.

He said the new direction would also help them grow instead of following a formula that does not work.

The shooting of the movie started in June last year and ended in April this year but Lilaphalapha says they would still shoot more clips to complete the film.

“We are at a post-production stage finalising editing and because we have high hopes for this movie, we want to perfect it even though there are a few setbacks like lack of finance.

“We still need a lot of money to complete the work and perfect it.”

Lilaphalapha encouraged Basotho to attend the premier in their numbers.

He said the premier would be graced by various celebrities adding that they are also finalizing the list of performers for the night.

Titled Lilaphalapha 4: The Hunt, the film kicks off with the old Lilaphalapha (played by Bofihla ‘Neko) being chased by security guards after failing to settle his hotel bill. Left destitute, he then goes on a hunt for those who spent his money during his stay in Maseru after abandoning his troublesome two sons in the rural village.

Meanwhile, the two sons, Mokitimi (Shoaepane Sehahle) and Mashoto (Thuso Dlamini), are evicted from their father’s house in the rural village by a man who claims to be Lilaphalapha’s first born son. He also claims that the two are illegitimate children.

The comedy also introduces new comedians who include Tieho Khakhau, Monare, Joshua and Bsb Da Comedian.

Lilaphalapha, who is also the producer and director of the film, said in as much as it is comedy, the film also intends to teach his audience that Maseru is not as glamorous as most outsiders perceive it.

“In Lilaphalapha 3, the old man (Lilaphalapha) abandons his home in the rural village with all his money and decided to go to Maseru where he falls in love and gives a woman his money but she disappears with it.

“They were staying at the hotel, so the movie starts with Lilaphalapha trying to escape without paying the bill yet the hotel picks up on his tricks and the security officers chase him but he eludes. He then goes on a hunt for the lady together with the people she spent his money with,” ‘Lilaphalapha said.”

He said they have tried to enhance the comic aspect of the film by bringing in new comedians.

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