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Lilaphalapha in final stage of production

by Lesotho Times
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MASERU — The sequel to the popular comedy Lilaphalapha is in the final stages of production. Lilaphalapha II is scheduled for release this monthend, according to makers of the film NTP Productions. The comedy — which first hit the market last March — has improved in all aspects including voice projection, acting skills and the content, its producers said. It was shot at Marabeng village in Berea district. Lilaphalapha II begins with Lilaphalapha — played by the comedy’s executive producer Bofihla “Hlaba u Je” ‘Neko — telling his wife that he is going to town for some shopping. Lilaphalapha means chaos in Sesotho. On his was way to town, Lilaphalapha decides to check on his priest friend first. But to his dismay, he finds his friend and another priest drinking beer and partying with their girlfriends. Lilaphalapha decides to blackmail the two priests by threatening to tell the congregation and the community about their mischief unless they allow him to sleep with one of the girls. The two priests reluctantly agree but connive to spike Lilaphalapha’s drink with a sleeping drug. But then they give Lilaphalapha the wrong glass. The two priests, unknowingly, share the spiked drink and immediately doze off. Lilaphalapha then gets the chance to make love to one of the women. However, all hell breaks loose when the two priests accidentally leak their little secret to Lilaphalapha’s son, Shorts (Thuso Dlamini), who just cannot keep his mouth shut. ‘Neko told the Weekender that the comedy is being edited and will be launched at the end of the month. “This comedy will be officially launched this monthend,” he said. “We are expecting it to be available to the public beginning next month.” ‘Neko said they had to introduce Shale Rammopa as Mokitimi in the sequel to replace the popular actor Shoepane “Shoeps” Sehahle who was busy with another project. “He (Shoeps) is not appearing in this one because he was busy with another project,” he said. “We replaced him with Rammopa.”

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