Lilaphalapha 4 shooting resumes


Nthatuoa Koeshe

ACTOR, producer and director of the Sesotho comic movie series, Lilaphalapha (born Bofihla Neko), says they will start shooting the remaining part of the fourth instalment of the movie Lilaphalapha.

This comes after the movie had initially been penned in for release last December. Lilaphalapha said they failed to finish the shooting because they could not get the required shooting scenes due to lack of rains.

He said they had hoped to shoot in scenes with plush green pastures and mountains but the lack of rains deterred the plans thereby disrupting the plans of releasing the movie in December 2018.

Apart from the lack of rains, Lilaphalapha said they also lacked funds.

“We started shooting this movie last year in June and around that time the land was very dull with little to no color and we wanted to also capture the green pastures and mountains and since there hasn’t been much rain, we thought we should wait,” Lilaphalapha said.

He said they will now resume since the rains have given life to fresh vegetation.

“We are self-funding the project and last year we realised that we were running out of resources but now we are ready to start shooting,” he said.

Titled Lilaphalapha 4: The Hunt, the film is a sequel to the three previous instalments.

It kicks off with the old Lilaphalapha (played by Lilaphalapha) being chased by security guards after failing to settle his hotel bill. Left destitute, he then goes on a hunt for those who spent his money during his stay in Maseru after abandoning his troublesome two sons in the rural village.

Meanwhile, the two sons, Mokitimi (Shoaepane Sehahle) and Mashoto (Thuso Dlamini), are evicted from Lilaphalapha’s house in the rural village by a man who claims to be Lilaphalapha’s first born. The man also alleges that the two are not Lilaphalapha’s legitimate children.

The comedy also introduces new comedians Tieho Khakhau, Monare, Joshua and Bsb Da Comedian. Lilaphalapha said they tried to maintain the comic aspect of the film by bringing in new comedians.

Lilaphalapha, who is also the producer and director of the film, said as much as it is comedy, the film also intends to teach his audience that Maseru is not as glamorous as most outsiders perceive it.

“In Lilaphalapha 3, the old man (Lilaphalapha) abandons his home in the rural village with all his money and decides to go to Maseru where he falls in love and gives all his money to a woman who later disappears with it.

“They were staying at a hotel so the sequel starts with Lilaphalapha trying to escape without paying the bill yet the hotel picks up on his tricks and the security chases him down but he still manages to escape. He then goes on a hunt for the lady together with the people she spent her money with,” Lilaphalapha said.

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