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LG’s new G2 smartphone impresses reviewers

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lg-optimus-g23The new LG G2 smartphone has exploded onto the mobile market with a host of positive reviews in its wake. With comments like “best smartphone in the world” (Stuff magazine), “a brilliant phone” (What Hi Fi?) and “Spec-tacular” (Wired), it is clear that LG’s new ‘learning from you’ approach to smartphone design is paying off.

One happy customer, Associate Professor for the Department of Process Engineering at Stellenbosch University, Professor Lingam Pillay, emailed LG Mobile and said: “LG has really got it right this time with the G2. If LG establishes itself strongly in the smartphone market, the eventual winners will be the consumers on the ground, like myself. Seriously LG has really done a phenomenal job.”

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine, “the world’s leading independent guide to buying and owning home cinema”, awarded the new LG G2 a coveted five-star review. The publication, respected among consumers, lauded the smartphone for its picture quality design, speed and extensive battery life. The reviewer even went as far as to say the G2 can be favourably compared with Samsung’s king-of-the-hill Galaxy S4 on many fronts.

South African-based Stuff Magazine said in its review, “LG opted for some radical, new-age research techniques that involved finding out what people actually wanted in a phone and engineering it. The end result is that the G2 is close to flawless.”

LG Mobile’s new mantra, “Learning from you”, is all about letting consumers know that they have been heard. In developing the G2, LG delved deep into meticulous market research to uncover what the modern smartphone user wants out of their mobile device.

The G2 design was born of Korean fashion designer Youngho Kim. It was he who studied human behaviour by observing hand movements, habit and overall behaviour when using a smartphone. Rather than blindly following the latest trends, LG Mobile was more interested in touching the consumer’s senses in creating the perfect, functional and sleek smartphone.

Running on an android operation system, the G2 combines all the latest and greatest techno savvy all in one innovative device. Key features include its edge-to-edge display, a best-in-class power capacity, innovative rear panel buttons, optical image stabilisation and studio quality Hi-Fi sound.

Thomas van der Linde, General Manager of Marketing at LG South Africa says, “We are so thrilled about the positive reviews and feedback we are getting about the G2. After taking the time and effort to actually learn from the smartphone users, our aim was to design a phone that resonated with consumer needs. It is clear we have hit the mark with this one. The G2 is the beginning of great things to come for LG Mobile.”



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