Lets’eng honours Moshoeshoe 1

By Mohalenyane Phakela

MOKHOTLONG — Lets’eng Diamonds held a Cultural fiesta at their Junior Mess to mark Moshoeshoe’s Day on Tuesday evening.

March 11 is set aside annually to commemorate the founder of the Basotho nation, Morena Moshoeshoe I and celebrate his legacy. Moshoeshoe I fought and subdued many ethnic groups without engaging in combat in the battlefield, earning him respect among his peers as a great nation builder.

Different cultural groups entertained the audience at Lets’eng Diamonds.

The Lets’eng Choral sung praise songs about Moshoeshoe and Basotho’s heritage, while Mokhibo Group and Mokorotlo dancers entertained audiences alongside popular local singer Sents’o, whose unique voice delighted the crowd.

Parallel to the Moshoeshoe’s Day commemorations was an initiative to promote Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS) under the theme, “Respect for yourself and for others”.
“Respect plays a key role in terms of safety and inter-relates with the brother’s keeper principle,” said Nthati Monethi, BBS coordinator.
“We invited everyone on site and outside to come and embrace Basotho culture while creating that spirit of togetherness in order to strengthen our BBS programme.”

Motivational speaker, therapist and marriage counsellor, Calvin Motebang, gave the audience an emphatic message.
“We seem to be busy exploring the universe and exerting little input on ourselves. Let us focus on our own innermost beings and not be deceived by the physical appearance,” he said.

In his message, Motebang spoke in depth about self-respect.
“Everyone should first learn to respect themselves in order to earn the respect of others. Know what to do, when and why. A man who knows this will never be shaken or confused,” he advised.

He urged audiences to first plant peace within themselves before taking it to the rest of the world.
“People fail to perform well at work, not because they are not qualified, but just that they fail to comply with the set rules, understand their positions and respect other colleagues.
“No matter how great your position is, always know that you will not prosper without the help of the junior staff such as cleaners or security,” he said.
Motebang made several examples and jokes to illustrate his message.

The cultural event was a fun-filled eye-opener. The workers, who were dressed in traditional attire, danced the night away with Sents’o rocking the stage at intervals.

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