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Let Selia-lia go

by Lesotho Times
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Moorosi Tsiane

FEDERATION of Lesotho Rugby (FLR) president Fetang Selia-lia announced last week that he has no interest in retaining his position when they head for executive committee elections next month.

Selia-lia, who is among the founding members of the federation, cited his personal commitments as one of the reasons for which he is stepping down. He said he was only willing to come back as an ordinary member of the committee.

Contrary to what Selia-lia has said, FLR secretary general Litšitso Motšeremeli has publicly said he does not want Selia-lia to step down because he thinks none, from the current crop of administrators, can fill the void.

I find this insulting to the rugby community most of whom are unhappy with how Selia-lia and Motšeremeli have been running the association since 2014 when the former took over from Dan Alyward, the federation’s first president.

During its formative years, the federation looked destined to be in the best possible direction until fights started between Motšeremeli and members of some teams. The latest on the list is NUL Spears coach, Alecs Basitang.

Motšeremeli has gone on and on about his dreams for the federation as if it’s his personal property. Even if he was part of the founding group, the federation now belongs to the greater rugby fraternity.

I respect Selia-lia for deciding to stay away if he eventually steps down as Motšeremeli has made it clear that he will do everything in his power to ensure he changes his mind.

I honestly think there is still a long way to go with development of sport in Lesotho if officials continue behaving as if they own the associations because they are founding members and must remain in power forever.

I fail to understand why Motšeremeli thinks he and Selia-lia are the only people who can take local rugby to affiliate with World Rugby, something that they have failed to achieve in the last six years since Selia-lia took over as the rugby boss.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about similar issues linked to the infightings in taekwondo, boxing and athletics federations. We must move from the current situation where people think that they are the only ones eligible to run national federations when in fact, they have been in same bodies for several and achieved little progress.

Selia-lia has played his part in the development of the sport and if he feels he has done enough, I don’t see why he has to be forced to stay because obviously his focus is elsewhere and he cannot be expected to commit to the federation.

Let Selia-lia rest.

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