Lesotho Sun introduces free gambling lessons

MASERU — Lesotho Sun Hotel and Casino has introduced training sessions to teach the public how to play Black Jack and Roulette tables.

The free sessions are also targeting the hotel’s most valuable members.

In an interview with the Weekender, a manager at the casino, Shaun Nicolson, said they were trying to break the stigma that only certain people can play tables.

“We noticed that customers are reluctant to play the tables because they find the games too complicated and intimidating,” Nicolson said.

He said they had added eight modern tables to the casino for both Black Jack and Roulette.

The training sessions would be held on Thursdays for individuals above the age of 18.

“Training is alternated between two popular table games every week to ensure customers are given maximum learning opportunities.

“Upon completing the training, guests are given certificates as well as some casino tips to try out on a live table,” he said.

The casino introduced the training after observing that “it is easier for people to play the slots machines”.

He said they wanted to provide more fun and interactive experience.

Tables’ manager, Peter Hayes, said that these were the first training sessions since the Lesotho Sun Hotel and Casino was renovated.

He added that the hotel has been training members of the public to play tables over the past 30 years.

“At first we would train people on gaming but now we are providing sole training before betting,” Hayes said.

“The tables are intimidating so the training will help enlighten punters on how to be confident when gaming.”

Hayes noted that it was too early to tell if the training sessions were mobilising the public to game on tables than slots.

The hotel has also introduced 14 Aristocrat Viridian Machines, the latest on the international gaming market.

The machines have extra-wide 22 screens, five and 10 cents machines, advanced “free game” features and advanced graphics, sounds and lighting.

“Customers can expect an enhanced and interactive gaming experience in addition to winning extra credits using the four “free game” features,” Clix Salman, Lesotho Sun Hotel and Casino marketing manager, said.

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