Lesotho dominates Metropolitan Inter-club netball tournament

By Tebello Moalosi


MASERU — Lesotho dominated the Lesotho Correctional Service Metropolitan Inter-club netball tournament last weekend, scooping three gold medals in four categories.

Ministry of Education netball club won gold in the veteran section while LCS development came first in the youth category.

Hosts LCS dominated the senior category.

For their efforts, the ministry was awarded a trophy and gold medals.

Second and third-placed Ministry of Finance and Lesotho National Insurance Group (LNIG) won M2 000, silver medals as well as M1 000 and bronze medals, respectively.

LCS Development Team walked away with M2 000, a trophy and gold medals while second placed Thetsane High School walked away with M1 000 and silver medals.

Delta netball club walked away with M500 and bronze medals for coming third in the youth category.

In the senior female category, LCS won M3 000, a trophy and gold medals.

Johannesburg Netball Club came second and walked away with M2 000 and silver medals.

Third-placed African Beads pocketed M1 000 and bronze medals.

Lesotho however were disappointing in the senior male category coming second to Gauteng Province.

The locals collected silverware together with M3 000 and gold medals.

Second-placed LCS walked away with M2 000 and silver medals while Black Eagle from South Africa were rewarded with M1 000 and bronze medals for coming third.

The tournament was sponsored by Metropolitan Lesotho to the tune of M140 000.

LCS public relations officer, Bataung Morakabi, told the Lesotho Times this was the most successful event they have organised since the tournament’s inception four years ago.

“The tournament keeps growing each year,” Morakabi said, adding that Basotho had started showing interest in the tournament.

Morakabi said Lesotho’s dominance in the tournament is a sign that netball was destined for greater heights in the country.

“Our dominance does not necessarily mean we were playing against under-performing clubs but it is a sign that the sport is growing fast in the country.”

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