Lesotho Covid-19 cases near 1 000

Staff Reporter

LESOTHO has now recorded 996 and 30 Covid-19 related deaths, the government has said.

The country has also recorded 472 recoveries out of 12 682 tested specimens.

In South Africa, the number of cases stood at 592 144 and 12 264 deaths as of last night. Lesotho’s giant neighbour has so far recorded 485 468 recoveries out of a staggering 3,43 million tested specimens.

Globally, 22 342 456 cases and 785 197 deaths had been recorded as of yesterday evening. The number of recoveries stood at 15 080 456.

In Lesotho schools have remained closed while private schools have continued relying on social media to convey work for learners. However, government schools, most of whose learners cannot afford to purchase gadgets have been worst affected.

It remains unclear whether or not schools will eventually be allowed to open but teachers’ unions this week said they were mounting pressure on the government to pronounce its plans for the remaining part of the school year as examination classes had lost more than five months.

Bars and nightclubs remain closed although pressure is mounting on the government from players who say their businesses are nearing collapse.