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LesMove hosts Strictly Vinyl

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Nthatuoa Koeshe

LESOTHO Deep House Movement (LesMove) is set to host its second Strictly Vinyl gig at a yet to be confirmed venue.

Organisers told the Weekender this week that the event is meant to give deep house music audiences a taste of good music played from vinyl.

LesMove founder, Deep Taac, born Tsolo Chabeli said this year the event will host spinners like Ja Pa An from Germany, Uni DGeoff M and Ashley K from South Africa and locals Nchelax and Mitchdee.

Deep Taac said the event would help to explore deep house as a minority genre which has been left behind as the majority of incoming and veteran spinners are leaning more towards the mainstream and more dominant house sound.

“A lot of incoming and veteran spinners are more inclined to the mainstream house so deep house has been left behind and we intend to exploit this opportunity and be the main innovators locally,” Deep Taac said.

He said the major driving force behind the establishment of the movement was their passion for pure deep house music and generally advocate for its real identity as they since various strands of mainstream house genres are mistaken for deep house.

“While other genres have become more popular and continuously evolved, authentic deep house has remained as humble as ever.”

Deep Taac said their aim is to bring something different, a new dimension entirely to their usual music entertainment scenes.

“Our idea is simple, we have proved since 2012 to be the dominant players in the deep house scene in Lesotho and we want to keep the momentum.”

He said since the inception of the movement, LesMove has moved swiftly synergised with a South African based record company, Kanzen Records.

“We have our own show the LesMove Show airing on Kanzen Records Radio on a monthly basis,” he said.

Deep Taac added that the show features a host of international and local spinners who generally have a similar understanding of Deep House as they do.

He said the show also has a podcast using the record label and distribution channels which ensures we reach audiences globally.

Deep Taac said LesMove has also grown considerably locally with more people appreciating what they do and more DJs coming through and digging the best deep house music there is.

“We want to take that major stake as the front runners of this revolution,” Deep Taac said.

A vinyl is an analog digital; sound storage medium which comes in a flat disc inscribed with modulated spiral groove starting in the periphery coming inwards of the disc. Although the vinyl record (also known as the phonograph or gramophone record) was invented in the 1880s, it became famous around the world in the 1950s before it was eventually unsettled by the digital age of compact discs.

Old school enthusiasts have for a long time been advocating for the return and use of the vinyl LPs since scientifically, digital recording is said to miss the complete sound wave as does the analog.

The difference however, comes from the sound output where the digital sound is reported to surpass 90 decibels while the vinyl is restricted to about 70 decibels while also it produces a hissing sound from the friction between the needle and the disc.


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