Lepereng ‘love nest’ warning



Pascalinah Kabi

Police have warned the public against using Lepereng as a love-nest.

The warning comes amid an increase in cases of attacks on couples using the area as a haven for their sexual activities.

Police spokesperson Clifford Molefe said the situation had become very serious it was now cause for concern.

“Basotho are using Lepereng as a hideout for their sexual activities. They drive there with their partners and once they arrive, they start having sex in their cars,” Senior Inspector Molefe said.

“We have since discovered that during the sexual intercourse, they fall prey to criminals who rob them of their cars, cellphones, monies, clothes and the criminals even go as far as raping the females at gunpoint.”

Senior Inspector Molefe said although the victims report the incidents to the police, they usually lie about how the attack would have happened.

“The victims normally say they had stepped out of their cars to relieve themselves when they were attacked. But we are warning people to immediately stop going to that area in Lepereng for their sexual activities because in addition to being classified as public indecency, which is a crime, they are also putting their lives in danger.

“There are so many places they can rent for their sexual activities. These adulterous activities are putting their lives in danger unnecessarily.”

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